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Mexico 2001

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By Mike Singleton - MikeydredPublished 14 days ago 2 min read
A Mexican Pyramid


Fiona, a Mexican Guide, and Me

In 2001 Fiona organised a two-week trip to Mexico, the first week was the guided tours and the second was spent semi-recovering at an impressive all-inclusive hotel. It was over twenty years ago, and I have forgotten a lot of the place names, but I will use this to share my snaps and tell you some of te tales and things that I remember.

Fiona, Me and Some Big Hats

So What Happened?

A few days in we saw on the news that the World Trade Centre had been hit and I had friends who were meant to be there, but I cover that in this story:

Part of the fallout from this was that on return I was told I could take batteries for my portable discaman and would have to go back an put them in my luggage. I told the security guy he could have them, and that eventually shut him up and we kept our place in the checking-in queue.

Flying Into Mexico

This is about the rest of the trip, well mainly the first week where we got to see all the interesting and historical stuff and see flamingoes on a boat trip. All the pictures were taken with a film camera which were then transferred to digital media, which is why I can easily share them with you now.

This was the swimming pool of one of the jungle hotels we stayed in. I was in the pool and there was a frog on the side, and a woman was laughing and saying how cute it was, until a snake came out of the jungle and gobbled the frog up, and the lady shrieked quite a lot.

I seem to remember there were about five TV channels, one showing L Ron Hubbard's atrocious "Battlefield Earth" featuring John Travolta as a giant alien called Terle (how did I remember that?). L Ron Hubbard was an atrocious character but the book "Barefaced Messiah" about his life by ex-Scientologist Russell Miller is a brilliant read.

We had a trip out on the water to see some flamingoes, and those pink blobs you see on this pic are flamingoes, really they are.

One of the things about Mexico is that when you look at a map of the world it's just a tiny isthmus that connects North and South America, but a bus from Mexico City to the texas border takes twenty four hours. Mexico is BIG.

I was lucky enough to ascend Chichen Itza which was soon after closed to the public and you can read more about it here:

This is Fiona on the steps.

And this is a picture I took from the top.

And here are a few more. These are some of the amazong sights that we were lucky enough to experience in Mexico.

This architecture is massive and stunning, and the work that went into creating these things was phenomenal. As I say, my dad was a builder, and I worked with him as a teenager, but never on anything like this.

I will leave you with a few more smaps, and thank you so much for reading.

Stairway To Heaven?

Thank you again fo reading, now back home.

The music is "Down In Mexico" by The Coasters

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  • Cindy Caldera day ago

    Great piece and wonderful pictures! So jealous that you could climb El Castillo!

  • The pyramids have always fascinated me. Mexico is a beautiful country. Thank you for sharing your vacation story from 2001

  • Shirley Belk14 days ago

    Wow! Those steps were so steep!

  • kp14 days ago

    love the pics! what a time to be traveling. glad you made it safely there and back.

  • Oh no, that poor little froggy 🥺 Also, those steps are so terrifying. My fear of heights could never 😫😫

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