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La Rosa , Whitby

My Favourite Hotel with Lewis Carrol and Bram Stoker Connections

By Mike Singleton - MikeydredPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
Looking Round La Rosa

A long time back my friend Ange alerted me to a campsite in Yorkshire that was part of a fascinating Whitby Hotel called La Rosa. On the too floor is a suite of three rooms called The Crow's Nest , and we thought it would be great to hire for a weekend. It has never happened ….. yet

Part of the attraction was it's location in Gothic , Vampire Haunted , Alice in Wonderland Whitby. Then there were the rooms , Stoker and Lewis looking across to Whitby Abbey , Saloon with it's wooden (no copper) bath, Little Red with it's dark fairy tale association. Then there is Arabesque , Sacre Coeur, Caravan and of course La Rosa .

I have only stayed in Stoker (several times) , Lewis , Saloon , and Little Red so I have five more to try.

I had heard it was furbished from junk shops and charity shops , and that is partially true , they include antiques shops and fairs , which results in all the rooms being completely different and extremely interesting.

The staff are always available , and very helpful and knowledgeable.

So why is La Rosa my favourite hotel ?

What is so special about it?

Why is it not just another hotel?

Little Red

Little Red

One of the first rooms I stayed in was Little Red with it’s four poster bed and cabinets crammed with very interesting items. Here is the description of the room from the La Rosa site.

“Think Angela Carter, not Disney! No sea view but small and perfectly formed. Breakfast is a hamper delivered to your door containing an assortment of goodies such as homemade tea bread, scones, fruit, eggs and yoghurt. One of our smaller rooms, Little Red has an en-suite shower room rather than a bath. Ideal for a short stay. All our rooms come with soap and bubble bath, hand-made using the finest quality natural ingredients.”

When I got there the power went out but a walk down to reception got that sorted.

Some people complain that the rooms have no telephones or TVs , but that is the charm of the place, and doesn’t everyone who travels to somewhere like this have a mobile phone or some other form of communication.

Speaking with the staff they told me they had people who were shocked at first because it was the only place they could get a room, but by the time they left they loved La Rosa and became regular visitors.

Lewis Carrol


Lewis is a re-imagining of Carroll's study with Seaview and views over the harbour, and of course Whitby Abbey. There is even a telescope in there as well although the anatomical poster may be a little disconcerting but when you have that view out the window who cares.



Described as Cowgirl Heaven - No sea view, but look at the size of that copper bath! It used to be a wooden one when I stayed there but that started to leak so was moved to the campsite and replaced by the copper bath. The room has a typewriter and lots of cattle skulls with very big horns, definitely an unforgettable stay.

That Bath


Here comes the Dracula connection. This is the view that inspired Bram Stoker.. across the harbour to the ruins of Whitby Abbey . The room has lots of dark furnishing and vampiric and some erotic paintings and pictures , including a bat, and that view.

The bathroom is cut off by a dark curtain but is still a wonderfully gothing place of repose.

This is the room that I have visited most and have posted a few videos of it which have received positive reviews. I love the view and always sleep well in here (as in other rooms)

In the video you will see the stairs going up to the third story where the Crow’s Nest is and that huge Pharoah’s head. Plus the downstairsTea Room and Cocktail Library are more places to savour and explore.

Breakfasts are served in a basket (well handled paper bag now due to Covid) and contains pastries , boiled eggs, fruit , fruit juice , coffee , Mad Hatter Tea , cake , rolls , cheese , jam , yoghurt and that is enough to fill you up.


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  • Test9 months ago

    Really well written :) Thanks for the nudge on my comments :) I love Whitby. I used to live in a Hull and went a few times. Wish I read your review before I went thought because La Roda sounds perfect!

  • Lena Folkert2 years ago

    Okay... SO want to go there now!!

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