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How To Plan A Trip To Suzhou

Read on to find out some useful insights when it comes to planning a trip to Suzhou.

By Pavithra JinadasaPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
Bonsai in Humble Administrator's Garden,Suzhou |Image via Wikimedia Commons

Located in East China’s Southeastern Jiangsu Province, Suzhou is one of the oldest and prosperous cities in the Yangtze Basin. If you’re into scenic landscaped gardens and waterside architecture, then Suzhou is the place to be. Read on to find out some useful insights when it comes to planning a trip to Suzhou.

Find the best times to visit

The spring, which occurs between March to May, and fall, usually dawning between September and November, are considered as the best times to visit Suzhou when the weather is quite pleasant with just the right balance of warmth and cold. The hottest time in Suzhou has been recorded during its summer, which usually falls from June to August. With the rising humidity levels, the temperature is expected to reach 32°C. Torrential rains may start making their appearance, so do always have some rain gear with you to avoid getting drenched in unexpected bouts of rain. January brings the coldest period of the year, particularly from the middle of the month to late January. Even though it hardly snows in Suzhou, the dampness in the air and the cold results in the least recorded number of tourists during winter. If you aren’t excited about the idea of finding your way through crowds, you’d better avoid Chinese New Year and the long weekends, such as Labour Day and National Day.

Star attractions to consider visiting

If your time is limited in Suzhou, a city that perfectly combines its ancient canals, temples, and stone bridges, make the most out of it and design your itinerary including only the must-sees. The Humble Administrator’s Garden is the largest and the most famous landscaped garden in Suzhou. You can look forward to gaining insight into how ancient Chinese architects utilized pavilions, winding paths, rocks, and trees to create a serene and harmonious ambience. Tiger Hill is acclaimed for its scenic natural beauty as well as its historical significance. Perched atop the hill is the Yunyan Temple Pagoda, which boasts of a history that runs back for over 1,000 years. The Sword Pool is another fascinating attraction of this hill site. Suzhou is also known as the “Venice of the East” due to its breathtaking canal network and winding waterways. The Grand Canyon is the longest Canal in the world. Like the Great Wall, it is china’s most incredible creations.

Decide how long you are staying

Since Suzhou isn’t a large city, two days would be enough for ordinary tourists. One can explore the neatly-manicured gardens of the city and visit the water town during these two days. On the first day, you can explore the epitome of Chinese Gardens - the Humble Administrator’s Garden, which is located close to many a luxury hotel in Suzhou the likes of Pan Pacific Suzhou. Consider making a trip to the Tiger Hill and taking a cruise on the Grand Canal. You can also visit the ancient streets and hutongs that are in the old city area. On your second day, you can drive to Tongli Water Town and experience its authentic culture. Experience the town’s well-preserved architectural marvels and enjoy the incredible vistas that can be seen along the waterways.

Getting there

For foreigners, the most convenient way of travelling to Suzhou is flying directly to Shanghai and taking a high-speed train to Suzhou from there. Lying about 100 kilometres from Shanghai, Suzhou can be accessed within a mere 30 minutes if you travel by high-speed train. With over 150 pairs of trains running daily between the two cities, you will never have to wait long for a train.

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