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How to Pick an Island and Resort for Windsurfing in Maldives

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By Amie GinendraPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
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The entrancing Maldives is ranked amongst the finest holiday destinations in the world. You will find that these islands offer delightful conditions for a relaxing holiday; however, you will also have the chance to engage in many exciting water sports during your stay. One of these would be windsurfing, as this destination offers a great environment for this water sport. Provided below are some suggestions for selecting an island and a resort for windsurfing in Maldives.

Look for a suitable lagoon

To take your first steps in the sport of windsurfing, you will need to find a suitable lagoon. Particularly, if you are not a very good swimmer, you may find it difficult to climb back onto the surfboard if the lagoon happens to be of a greater depth than your standing height. This will be significant as the process of learning windsurfing consists largely of repeatedly falling off and getting back onto the board! A perfect lagoon for learning windsurfing would have a water level reaching up to the chest. Additionally, an ideal lagoon would be shallow near the shore and will gradually increase in depth as you move away.

Watch out for corals

Islands that happen to be surrounded by coral reefs will often not be suitable for beginner windsurfers. This is because the tips of living corals will be very sharp; as windsurfing novices will frequently fall off the board, somewhat bad injuries could be caused if the locality features corals. Although skilled windsurfers could bypass the reef and enjoy the sport some distance away, this may not be an option for beginners. Although corals will be an attraction for many, they can cause problems to beginner windsurfers and should ideally be located away from the area where one is learning this activity.

Be wary of stingrays

If a lagoon features soft sand on the seabed, you will not have to worry about injuring your feet. However, there will be another hazard to look out for; stingrays. Although stingrays will typically move away from humans, they could pose a danger as you take your first steps in windsurfing. Often stingrays will be found in lagoon areas that have soft fine sand and where few humans engage in water sports. Typically, the staff at the relevant water sports centre will be able to inform you if there are stingrays in the vicinity. The ideal conditions for windsurfing would be a lagoon featuring somewhat coarser sand that is free of corals.

Avail yourself of guidance

In the Maldives, novice windsurfers will have the opportunity to avail themselves of instruction and guidance from experienced water sports professionals. Generally, you will find that these professionals will be friendly and helpful. Your instruction will commence on the beach itself, after which you will be taken to the waters; here, the correct techniques will be demonstrated and your mistakes will be corrected. When seeking the best overwater bungalows in Maldives, an accommodation choice to consider where you could obtain guidance from experienced windsurfing instructors would be Huvafen Fushi Maldives.

Consider possible obstacles

Another possible obstacle to windsurfers would be the water breakers that are set up by resorts to safeguard their beaches from sand erosion. Sometimes, these water breakers will hamper the activities of windsurfers. However, if these water breakers happen to be positioned some distance away from the island, there may be adequate space for beginner windsurfers to operate. Further, some resorts will anchor the watercraft that they use for various purposes in the lagoon itself. As you might expect, this will diminish the space available for windsurfers. Therefore, you should consider these aspects carefully when selecting a resort for windsurfing.

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