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How to plan for water sports in a day in Bentota

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By Amie GinendraPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
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Sri Lanka’s southern coastal belt is strewn with many a fishing hamlet and town that combine in affording a wealth of riveting journeys to be had. One such example is the locale of Bentota which is known all year round for its water sporting activities. Thus, for the die-hard outdoor vacationer in you, the area will be the perfect tonic and provided below is a detailed take on how you make the most of the available facilities if you happen to be staying here for just a day.

Nature cruise

The waters of the Indian Ocean that lap the shores of Bentota together with the areas referred to as Bentota Lagoon and Benthara River afford prime conditions in which to set about having the time of your life in this part of Sri Lanka. Begin your day with a nature cruise by boat along the Benthara River where scenes of mangrove swamps and reptilian species will soon drift into view. Such an expedition will prove beneficial if you are an avid photographer and desire to capture the marvels of Bentota few would dare think of.

Diving and snorkelling

For the novice as well as the skilled practitioner, the oceans off Bentota are well worth heading off to in the event you seek to go diving or engage in a quiet session of snorkelling. While underwater you will come into contact with stunning coral reefs which cocoon schools of tropical fish and other forms of flora including seaweed that can at times put you off during your dive. However, the waters are crystal clear and warm which makes for pleasing conditions in which to unearth the jewels of the deep blue. Importantly, prices begin at almost LKR 10,000 per person.

Jet skiing

Taking things up a few notches will be the sport of jet skiing that calls for a cool, calm and collected mind at all times. For this purpose, make your way towards the Bentota Lagoon where you will be presented with an opportunity to either learn the ropes of this sport or fine-tune your skills. Mornings and evenings are the preferred times of the day to engage in some jet-skiing with vacationers allowed to choose from solo trips, those with their loved ones or a ride with an experienced instructor. Regardless, you are destined to create your own waves and leave behind a trail of excitement and adventure.

Speed boat ride

Perhaps, the best way to comb all corners of the shoreline while having those that matter to you around for the duration of the journey is a speed boat ride. This will do wonders for you in every sense of the phrase. Imagine being greeted by shimmering waters and carpets of green in the distance in the midst of being tossed around as you take on all that the ocean has in store for you.

Banana boat outings

Add banana boat rides to the list of group activities that can be tried out during your time in Bentota and opting for the same will leave you in squeals of laughter from start to finish. Not to mention that an adrenaline rush of a different kind is part and parcel of such an exercise, the banana boat itself is fastened to a speed boat by a rope with the latter acting as the primary source of power that will send you crashing over and through waves at a dizzying rate. Since you will be staying for a day in the area, why not check into a hotel in Bentota where this sport can be scheduled? The Villa Bentota not only provides access to banana boat rides but also features rewarding accommodation facilities for those contemplating a holiday in this part of the Emerald Isle.

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