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Geocaching: A Good Original Way to Combine Hiking and Treasure Hunt Together!

A Look Into the Game of Geocaching

By Jean-Philippe FournierPublished 5 years ago 4 min read

If you are a person that enjoys hiking outdoors and who loves treasure hunts, you should definitely try playing Geocaching now. What is Geocaching? It is simply a recreational game in which participants try to find hidden treasures near their home or anywhere in the world! However, there are a couple of things you have to know before start playing.

How does Geocaching work?

Geocaching is a very simple game and you will not need many materials to play. The most important item will be that you have a GPS so you can enter the coordinates of your caches on it. Caches or geocaches are what we can call the treasures, let's say. So how to play? You will have first to create an account on the official Geocaching website. Once you are registered, you can start searching for geocaches that are close to your home. You have different options when it comes to the difficulty of the geocaches. Some of them are easier to find than others and you should start with easy ones if you are a beginner. If you want to find geocaches near your home, you can enter your postal code and you will have many of them that will appear on a map. After you decide which ones you want to do, you will have to enter the coordinates of the location of your geocaches, so you can follow the GPS directions and start your treasure hunt. Before going on an adventure, don't forget to bring with you basic hiking material like a bag pack, a flashlight, some food and water, bug spray and sun protection.

Geocaches can be found everywhere in the world. Geocachers (the name given to the people who play Geocaching) often hide caches in locations that are important to them and that reflects a special interest of skill of the cache owner. These locations can be diverse. They can be in a city park, after a long hike, underwater, or along a city street. Therefore, if you are playing Geocaching, it is important to keep your eyes open and to be ready to search everywhere. The game of Geocaching can be played during every season of the year. That is right! You can play during the summer or during the winter if you want. You will just need to adjust your equipment depending on the season. Be also careful to check the geocaches that you want to do before going on a hiking. Some caches are not available during certain periods of the year depending of the weather. The owner of the geocache can disable his cache during the winter for example. The availability of the cache is always on the website.

What do Geocaches look like?

The beauty of Geocaching is that you never really know what you will find in a geocache. There are plenty of options possible but mostly you will find objects of little value like coins and little toys. In addition, you will find a logbook in every one. It is very important to sign the logbook, so the owner of the geocache will know that you found his cache. You can take what you found in it, but you will have to put an object back to replace what you took.

After you come back home, you can also go on the website of Geocaching and tell others users what you found during your hiking. By playing this game, you also have the choice of creating your own geocache for other people to find. You can put a geocache in almost every public place. Just remember that it is important to not place one on a private propriety or a private land. You also have to be careful to not put food in a geocache. Since they are mainly hidden on trails, you do not want to attract wild animals to the location.

You now know everything to rejoin millions of Geocachers in the world and start playing this amazing game. Playing Geocaching is a very good way to combine your passion for hiking with the challenge to trying to find great treasures no matter where you decide to hike. You just need to be careful just like any other time you go hiking and remember to always respect the land and the area when you find something. Now, it's time for you to have fun!


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