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Although I Do Not Speak Very Often, My Two Eyes Shine Like Stars...

A Poem About Autism

By Jean-Philippe FournierPublished 5 years ago 1 min read

I was born very differently from

other people of my age

although I do not speak very often

my two eyes shine like stars

I am distant with people

I prefer to understand them

it looks like I’m comparing this world

with the thorns of a rose

My brain is mysterious

like the wind, like the sky

both abstract and beautiful

like a painting of Riopelle

and despite all my silences

You discover me every time I wake up

as you discover a masterpiece

tinted with sun dust and stars

The autistic repeats the same sentences

the same gestures of inconsistency

a bit like we all do every day

lost in the face of our existence

some judge me, others hurt me

by their look, by their impatience

but far behind all my sadness

I hide an immense heart

sad poetry

About the Creator

Jean-Philippe Fournier

I love to write about sports, history and hiking.

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