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Genius Cruise Cabin Hacks for Your Next Trip

From organization to managing money, it's easy to feel lost on a cruise. Luckily, cruise cabin hacks will steer you right back on course.

By Lorna VausePublished 5 years ago 6 min read

Hopefully, you're pretty excited for your cruise ship adventure; but since you are wanting to enjoy yourself as much as possible, you want to avoid as many common stresses as humanly possible. Maybe you've already experienced a cruise ship cabin or maybe you've just heard of the space struggle many guests find. Regardless, you are in need of some genius cruise cabin hacks for your next trip.

We all know cruise cabins are limited on space, but sorting out the spacing issue is not the only cruise hack to be found. Finding good ways to keep all your electronics charged can be another hurdle to fully experiencing your trip and recording all those wonderful new memories. You also need to make the most of your time and find good places to eat while on board.

While on board, you can work with the crew and know that everything provided for you is available to create the best trip you possibly can. Grab a pen and paper, and make a list of some cruise hacks for creating space, charging electronics, and finding good food.

The Space Issue

There's a number of places you can store your things if you have the right equipment. It can be stressful when your resting space is crowded with items that have no good place provided for them. With a few space-saving packing hacks you need to know, you can make further use of your closet, drawer, and wall space in order to truly maximize your space and experience.

Hanging Your Items

Cruise cabins are not known for having an excess of hanging hooks, and the lack of storage space can put a damper on your vacation vibes. You may find yourself struggling to find a good place for jackets, hats, and clothing that truly need to be hung. Towels and bathing suits that need to air dry are especially stressful to keep in order while living in a small space. An easy trick to resolve this problem is to bring magnetic hooks. Make sure they are sturdy hooks that can hold anything and everything you need. Cabins are usually made of metal, so you can put them in most areas of your cabin to make use of that space.

Consolidating Your Space

Though cruise cabins are often lacking in needed objects, sometimes there is furniture that you may not find useful that is just taking up space. After embarkation day has settled down, if you find some pieces that you'd rather not share space with, ask the crew politely if it can be removed. If you need to move your bed to create more floor space, feel free to do so. This is a simple way to save space. You want this to be your sanctuary, and no one wants to feel claustrophobic during their vacation.

Multi-Purpose Doors

A few good door shoe organizers can go a long way in order to help keep your cabin organized. Hang them on your bathroom door and front door. Make sure you have the shoe organizers that are designed to hold the shoe by way of pocket, as this will maximize their use. Don't just use them for shoes either! Use them for all of those small items you use throughout your day. You can use them for lotions, soaps, and hair gel, or they are a great place to put all your socks, watches, headbands, and shoes.

Maintaining Power

We live in the age of technology; our vacations are no exception. We all have phones to keep in touch with loved ones back home, computers to track business, and cameras to catch moments with the ones with us. Finding enough outlets for everything you need can be tricky.

You can’t bring your home power strip or surge protectors on board, as they are not safely compatible with cruise ship outlets. A couple of good alternatives are USB power ports and European outlet adapters. USB power ports can easily help with smartphones and other electronics that can plug in using a USB option. Alternatively, most simple adapters can provide you with another outlet or two to use in your cabin.

Hanging Curtains

Sometimes you need a little space to yourself. Whether you're traveling with family or friends, private space within your cabin may be necessary. Bring your own curtain and hang it up wherever you need it with magnetic hooks. This little trick will help you to be your best self while on vacation, especially if you just need some time to be by yourself to do your own thing or you're cruising with kids.


Losing the cabin key can really put a damper on your vacation. Bring a nice lanyard with you to help you keep track of it! If you're not a fan of the look, don't stress! There are many kinds of lanyards available on the magical land of the internet. You can easily wear it on your neck or wrist. Sometimes a wallet is just too much of a hassle, and you might lose that while dancing the evening away. Having something hanging off your neck will almost guarantee you don't lose it.

Accessing WiFi

Got work to do or need to catch up with loved ones back home? One easy money saver you can do right now is buy your WiFi package before the trip. You can find reasonable deals, such as $5 per day, for basic access to the internet. If you're struggling with signal, wait to use your WiFi wile everyone else is eating or sleeping.


If you love a good drink, but aren't a fan of the high prices, see if you can bring your own drinks. You need to be sure to check your cruise's rules on this matter, as not everyone is a fan of losing money to this great cruise cabin hack. A good rule of thumb for saving money while on vacation though is to pack your own booze ahead of time.

For the Lovebirds

Everyone loves a good romantic getaway. If you have chosen a cruise to reconnect with your significant other, you'll want to pack some mood makers. The easiest way to spice up the look of your cabin is to bring battery powered candles. The light is dim so it still gives the right vibe, but doesn't break any open flame rules that are usually very apparent on cruises. This cabin hack must be followed to turn your small cruise cabin into a cozy romantic dream.

Considering Food Options

You will probably have different specialty restaurants available to you, depending on your cruise line, though this restaurant does require an additional cover charge, which can be paid with credit cards. If you are concerned about saving money, go ahead and add this great option to your budget, and plan which days you'll want to choose a specialty restaurant over the already provided dining room experience.

You can also take in the main dining room experience at the beginning of your trip to see if you would like to eat there any other nights of your stay. The service is amazing as most cruise ships have extremely attentive members of their staff working in the main food hall.

The crew does also provide room service. This can be a great little cruise cabin hack, as some of us like to take our mornings slow or our evenings early. The cost of room service depends on package deal and cruise line. This is a great option for those who value their sleep and quiet time during their vacation. With all of these great options, you may never have to leave your cruise can, except for the best cruise destinations to visit in 2018, of course.

Great Hacks for Your Cruise

With a little extra packing and budget planning, you can have a comfortable and adventurous stay in a cruise cabin. These genius cruise cabin hacks for your next trip will help you to keep your peace of mind. After fulling these hacks and obtaining an efficient resting place, charged electronics, and a comfortably full stomach, the world is yours to explore.

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