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Don’t Let Your Phone Ruin Your Day Off!

by Isabella Harriot 2 months ago in travel tips
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Enjoy your day off by keeping your phone aside. These simple tips can help you out…

All of us have something in life that is a habit or a weakness we can’t do without, don’t we? The best example is the usage of our mobile phones. No matter what people say, we need that wireless device in our hand constantly for calling, texting, browsing, finding locations and so much more. Yesterday I was scrolling through my phone when I stumbled on the idea of Digital Minimalism, which talks about reducing the use of personal technology. This was definitely a lesson I didn’t know I needed in my life.

Needless to say, mobile phones have the power to take us away from the real world, even from the people around us. When we are on a day off, we certainly don’t want that. How can we enjoy the essence of a day off from work if we keep our eyes fixed to the phone and keep doom-scrolling for different purposes?

Two weeks ago, my friends and I chose to get aboard one of the day cruises in Sydney. We took boundless pleasure in viewing the magnificent Harbour Bridge and Opera House, mostly because we distanced ourselves from the virtual world. As I carried a camera, I didn’t bother to take pictures on my phone. Being onboard the lunch cruises in Sydney is an experience in itself. For all those who are tempted to use the phone but have the desire to keep it away during your day off, here are some small tips to help you out:-

Set a lock-screen wallpaper reminding you of your travel goals

First and foremost, write down the purpose of your trip - Is it for a romantic getaway or to unwind and break free from your daily routine? Whatever it is, click a pic of that note and set it as your lock-screen so whenever your hand moves to get to that phone it reminds you of your goals. Otherwise, set any pic as your lock screen that restrains you from using your phone.

Resist the temptation to check your phone

Prevailing over your “mobile addiction” is not going to be easy. The more you restrain yourself, the more your brain will trigger you into using the device. It will create all sorts of excuses to scroll, check or post while you are away on your holiday.

Did you know? Your body produces Cortisol, a stress-hormone, when you try to limit yourself to phone usage. And what’s the solution to this, you may ask. Next time, when you get the urge to check your phone, ask yourself if it’s something important or whether you’re simply making an excuse.

Find alternate ways to survive without your phone

Of course, owing to the difficulty of staying away from your phone, it would be good to find alternate ways to survive without your phone.

Click with a Proper Camera - Just like I did when I travelled in Sydney, you can use a camera. Undoubtedly, most phone cameras aren’t as good as the DSLR and compact cameras. When you use a proper camera, you have an idea about proper framing and lighting and are able to take high-quality shots in the end.

Spend Time With Your Loved Ones - If you can’t do any of these, simply spend time with the people around you. Having a conversation or getting involved in a fun activity with your family, friends, lovers or acquaintances is more than enough to distract yourself from the phone.

I won’t say don’t use your phone at all when you are on a holiday. That’s not logical, there’s always a chance of receiving an emergency call from your home or office. Like I said earlier, I enjoyed my day off in Sydney thoroughly because I kept myself away from the phone most of the time. I only kept an eye for important calls. I strongly suggest you read up more on Digital Minimalism for a calmer mind, good sleep, to maintain closer relationships and to unwind and enjoy your day off thoroughly. Go ahead! Try it!

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