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Best Vacations for Couples for a Romantic Getaway

Looking for a romantic getaway with your partner? Look into the best vacations for couples to plan your next trip!

By Lilliana BackmanPublished 6 years ago 5 min read

Whether you're searching for the perfect honeymoon destination or want to spend a week or two at a romantic getaway with your partner, there are numerous places you can consider. From gorgeous beaches to vibrant and bright cities, there are places around the world where you and your partner can visit. And many of these places are loaded with history, gorgeous artifacts, and beautiful culture—making them the perfect getaways.

So, we've constructed the best vacations for couples to trip to. From Italy to Greece, Argentina, and Turkey, these destinations are the ideal two-person trips. And any of these places won't bore you, because each and every day there is something exciting to do. Whether it's touring around their cities or relaxing on their white-sand beaches, these locations are what all couples are searching for as a vacation trip.

We wanted to start off this list with truly one of the best vacations for couples—Cannes. This major city located in France is huge when it comes to honeymooners. Cannes is almost always on the list of destinations to consider for couples, because of what the city has to offer.

Not only does Cannes consist of amazing history, high-end shopping districts, and phenomenal cuisines and restaurants, their beaches are what most people think of when they hear the city's name. This resort is also popular for its international film festival and walk of fame.

Santorini, Greece

Ah, Santorini, Greece. Couples literally dream of visiting one of the most stunning islands in Greece. With their whitewashed houses clinging to cliffs and gorgeous beaches, just enjoying brunch on one of the roofs of these buildings is what many people yearn for.

Santorini is easily one of the best vacations for couples to trip to. This island is chock-full of history, art, and amazing food. The colorful buildings overlook the ocean, and we can't forget about their beaches. Soft sands and clear waters, a couple of days in Santorini can be an unforgettable experience.

Bodrum, Turkey

Right across from Greece is Bodrum, Turkey. Among the best vacations for couples, Bodrum is a stunning city in Turkey that many couples head to, aside from the country's most popular city, Istanbul. However, Bodrum consists of beaches and resorts to loosen up and enjoy in.

From their delectable restaurants to their relaxing spas for a couple's massage, there's so much to do in Bodrum. They also have an amazing nightlife, too, where you can head to lounge and bars and enjoy a couple of drinks. But don't forget about visiting the shops there. Turkey's shops consist of only top quality material and fabrics.

Venice, the colorful city that's built on water. If this isn't one of the best vacations for couples, then nothing is. Venice is among the most beautiful and popular cities in Italy. Home of the gondola, every couple wishes to drift through the river streets, while the gondoliers sing gracefully.

But that's not all that Venice consists of. This city is loaded with amazing history, delicious Italian restaurants, and great shopping areas. If you and your partner are planning to take a trip to Italy, but don't exactly know which city, I highly suggest Venice.

Bora Bora, French Polynesia

If you've never heard of Bora Bora, are you living under a rock? Among the best vacations for couples, Bora Bora is literally what dreams are made of. It's also seen as one of the best honeymoon locations ever. Rent a tiny hut right on the water and wake up every morning to a sunrise reflecting off of the crystal clear waters. Sunbathe on their white sandy beaches and eat mouthwatering seafood.

Many couples place Bora Bora as one of their most desired places to vacation at. And have you and your partner ever wanted to dine... right on the water? Bora Bora gives you the opportunity to eat full meals right in the sea! This place is made up of pure relaxation and if that's what you and your partner are looking for, Bora Bora may be your best bet.

Honolulu, Hawaii

Here's another gorgeous island with clear waters and white sand. Honolulu is not only the capital of Hawaii, but it's also the most popular city in the state. While it's one of the best vacations for couples to visit, wind down and relax on Honolulu's beaches, eat amazing meals, and let loose for their amazing nightlife.

Looming in the distance is the city's famous volcano, the Diamond Head crater. Tour around the crater, visit shops, or spend your days on the beaches; Honolulu will never come across as a boring destination. Most people who trip to Hawaii will always head to Honolulu, because there's just so much to offer.

Antigua is one of the two major islands in Antigua and Barbuda and it's also one of the best vacations for couples to visit. Made up of vibrant coral reefs and multiple sandy beaches, Antigua is a stunning destination when wanting to take a trip to the Caribbeans.

While the beaches are what many people focus on when vacationing here, we can't leave out touring around the island and enjoying their delicious cuisines served at friendly restaurants. Antigua is also a great place for indulging in many water sports. Since their coral reefs are divine, you can check them out by either snorkeling or scuba diving.

Sedona, Arizona

Looking for adventure? Many couples love going on adventures on their getaways, and Sedona, Arizona is a destination those couples would love to check out. Since it's a desert town right by Flagstaff, the city is filled with giant red-rock mountains, steep canyons, and even pine forests.

Don't be unimpressed just yet, that's not all that this city is made up of. There are also gorgeous art communities and galleries, shops, and even spas to relax after hiking up the brilliant red-rock canyons.

Mumbai, India

Among the best vacations for couples, Mumbai is a beautiful town in India that's filled with gorgeous, detailed architecture and buildings, historic landmarks, and amazing restaurants. As for the largest city in India, there's so much to get involved in. If you love diverse atmospheres, colorful scenery, and delicious cuisines, Mumbai should be on your list of destinations to travel to.

Popular sights such as Taj Mahal Palace, Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, and Iskcon Temple are just a few of the famous landmarks in Mumbai. Shop at their decorative shops, dine at their finest restaurants, and make memories in this stunning city.

Buenos Aires in Argentina is last on this list of the best vacations for couples to visit, but it's not the least! Known as the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires is a gorgeous city that is centered in Plaza de Mayo. It's filled with 19th-century buildings such as Casa Rosada and other major architecture.

Roam the streets, dine at their delicious restaurants, and take a trip to their shopping districts. You and your partner will leave Buenos Aires with lots of photos and a mind filled with pleasurable memories. If you and your partner are suckers for history, this city is drenched in it.

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