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Santorini, Greece

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By Allison DohanyosPublished 7 years ago 3 min read
View From Our AirBnB

Hey fellow GlobeTrotters! Below is my full experience traveling to Santorini, Greece. Enjoy!

AirBnb: Goddess Lethe

I give this place 5 STARS! I never met our host John, but the hospitality was great and the views could not be beat. When we first arrived, late at night, a couple of locals met us at the bus stop and graciously carried our luggage down the MANY steps to get to this place. If you can't handle a little cardio, I wouldn't recommend it. Make sure you have everything you need before leaving for the day, because you won't want to go back down for a forgotten cell phone.

First Day

We got up early to catch the sunrise. Even though you can't see the actual sunrise from our side of the island, the morning glow and first actual sight of our accommodation's view was breathtaking. We dressed up a little and went out to take a couple pictures with those famous Blue Domes.

We got breakfast close to the top of our AirBnb, and then just started walking. GET LOST. So many beautiful corners and small shops in Oia. John, very nicely set us up with a Sunset Cruise that started in the early afternoon. It was difficult finding our ride and a lot of communication issues went by, but we finally made it to the pick-up and made our way (about 30mins) to the dock. Even though the sunset was a complete dud because of how cloudy it was (visiting in March), the rest of the cruise was filled with beautiful moments, delicious food and amazing people! We ate lunch docked at the Hot Springs. DISCLOSURE: these are not hot springs, maybe about 65 degrees fahrenheit. But we ended up making a couple friends from Alabama, who we would later run into again.

The first day seemed very short, but the Sunset Cruise was so much fun. We got back after dark and Oia dies down really quickly. Its very quiet, I loved that. So instead of going out, we found one last small "grocery shop", bought some chocolate and drinks, sat on our porch and relaxed.

Second Day

Hailed a taxi in the early morning and went to Fira, the other side of the island. More walking! We got dropped off near the center of the small city and started making our way to the top. More shops and eateries around here. Busier and more crowded. When we got near the top we ran into where they have the donkey rides. We couldn't justify putting ourselves on these creatures' backs, so we passed on the many offers from the donkey man. We admired the views and made our way to find a quality gyro.

We found our gyros and I wish we had room for more! Delicious and great service. Everyone in Oia and Fira were so friendly. As we made our daily purchases, I got myself an Evil Eye ring and of course a post card for my collection. After many hours of exploring Fira, we hailed a taxi back so we didn't miss the sunset on the South side. I was determined to see that Santorini Sunset. We ended up driving past our Alabama friends as they were also making their way to Oia on their rented Quad Bikes. We met up and we gave them a small tour of our side of the Island. Goodbyes were said, social media was exchanged and we all parted ways after a lovely afternoon.

SUNSET TIME. I knew the rumours about how busy it gets, and I wanted to sit on the Oia Castle and watch the sunset. So we got there early and sat there an hour and a half before sunset. WORTH IT. We had an amazing view and enjoyed watching the famous experience.

Yes, sadly we only had two days in Santorini, Greece. I would highly recommend a longer stay in maybe warmer weather so that you could enjoy the Aegean Sea.

Till next time, Keep Trotting!


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