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Best Travel Booking Sites

If you are going on vacation soon, the best travel booking sites will make it painless to plan a perfect vacation.

By Jessica HerringPublished 7 years ago 3 min read

These travel sites make planning your next vacation effortless and compelling. You do not need to call a travel agent or stress about finding a great hotel and affordable airline. These sites are the best travel booking sites since they are very customer friendly and do all the hard work for you.

You are able to instantly able to find several hotels and airlines for low costs using these websites. Some sites also allow you to find rental cars and cruises. Each of these sites is upfront about the prices and makes it easy to book everything at once.


This travel website allows users to search for vacations by themes and offers deals for all aspects of the trip. This website can show you countries you must visit. Additionally, Booking.com is very customer friendly and is offered on any type of device. If you are in a rush, you can quickly book a vacation using their mobile app. This website is loved by many people since it is functional and simple to use.


Travelocity is one of the best travel booking sites since it offers extremely low prices on thousands of hotels, guides on where to travel, vacation packages, and a mobile app. This travel website is dedicated to helping people save money and will make it fun for people to plan their next vacation. It will be useful to read information about popular destinations and find out about the best vacation packages. You can avoid going to the most overrated travel destinations by using this website.


Orbitz is one of the best travel booking sites because it allows you to find an inexpensive flight with ease. The site has several filters including departure and arrival times, how many stops, and the flight class. While searching for flights you can see a full itinerary of the trip with layovers and specific locations and times. This travel website prides itself on being very direct with customers. Also, they offer relatively inexpensive combinations so you can book a flight, rental car, and hotel room at the same time and not spend as much if you booked them each separately. This website also offers customers the ability to buy tickets to events. You can easily go to fun events and explore the nightlife of a new place. The travel site shows events based on the area you are traveling to and allows you to buy tickets ahead of time. This travel booking site is extremely user-friendly and offers very low prices.


This travel booking site will show customers the lowest rates for airfare and hotels based on where they are traveling to. It includes a trip planner which shows customers their flight information and hotel reservations. Kayak offers a mobile app so you can always use it on the go. Also, they offer alerts to inform customers when the price for flights and hotels have lowered.


Priceline.com is one of the best travel booking sites since it offers bargains for hotels, flights, and rental cars. However, it does not let customers see which hotel they are staying at until after they have paid. This feature may discourage users from visiting this website but it is very helpful and offers very low costs for an exciting vacation.


This is one of the best travel booking sites and ideal for hotel reservations. This website shows you a wide range of lodging options from bed and breakfasts, luxury hotels, all-inclusive resorts, and rental options. TripAdvisor prides itself on having very affordable hotel prices. It offers the best lodging options in the most desirable cities and destinations. In addition, you can find out about restaurants, activities and reasonably priced flights. This website is simple to use and has great prices for vacations.


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