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6 Bucket List Places to Visit in Aruba

Places to Visit in Aruba

By roycarterPublished 5 months ago 3 min read

Are you looking for the greatest things to do in Aruba? You're not by yourself! What can you do in Aruba besides work on your tan and sip a tropical cocktail? Lots! We've researched out the top locations to see and things to do in Aruba. Many of the activities on this list are non-touristy and peculiar to this island. Many are also free! Continue reading to learn why One Happy Island should be on your list of places to visit in the future, as well as the greatest activities to do in Aruba once you arrive.

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1. Go Beach

Every one of Aruba's beautiful beaches is free to the public. There is no gated security that prevents people from enjoying the Caribbean Sea and seashore. So, just like Goldilocks, explore as a variety of excellent stretches of beach as you possibly can. Many of Aruba's nicest beaches, including Palm, Eagle, Arashi, and Druif, are accessible by public transportation from the main resort area. But, some spectacular locations, such as Mangel Halto and Baby Beach. Noted for their tranquil waters and home to Rum Reef Bar & Grill, they cause the use of a car, but they are well worth the trip.

2. Flamingos on a Private Island

Contrary to popular belief, Aruba is NOT a sanctuary for observing wild flamingos. They're not native to the island, and there are only two spots. You may get close to a tiny captive flamboyance of them (a flamboyance is a flock of flamingos). Flamingo Island, a private reserve of Renaissance Wind Creek Aruba Resort, is one excellent location. Non-guests must buy a Flamingo Beach day pass. You could also spend a day at the all-inclusive De Palm Island.

3. Donkey Sanctuary

Visitors are aback by wild donkeys roaming over the countryside. They now need human help. The Donkey Sanctuary Aruba is a fantastic non-profit refuge maintained by volunteers. It was for donkeys that are unable to survive in the wild for any reason. You can also adopt a donkey if you are an animal lover. Your contribution will feed and care for it for an entire year. The donkey refuge ranks as one of the top inexpensive things to do in Aruba. On the island of Aruba, it makes for an excellent family adventure.

4. Monumental Dining

Some repaired century-old buildings (known monuments in Aruba) have been converted into restaurants. Here are a few examples:

Taste My Aruba: Located downtown in a huge wooden structure. This cuisine emporium is to source local ingredients while delivering modern interpretations of genuine classics. It's one of the reasons why this section of old downtown is becoming the new restaurant row.

Dine poolside at the Ellis family home, a historic Aruban 'cunucu' (country house). Or, dine inside amid a mini-museum of Dutch antiques. Their Wine Vault is outstanding. Quinta Del Carmen: Dine on Dutch comfort food in this grand mansion's spacious patio while seeing the antiques inside. They also have a lovely tapas and cocktail garden.

5. Pirate Ship

It's unusual to be able to see a shipwreck without diving, but this one is only 30 feet beneath the surface of the water. The German freighter SS Antilla was 4,000 feet long. Her captain did this on purpose after Germany waged war on the Netherlands. It now serves as a convenient habitat for a variety of fish and coral. While snorkeling in the beautiful blue seas, it is clear.

6. Oranjestad

Take the eco-trolley from the cruise ship terminal to explore. Oranjestad is one of the greatest free things to do in Aruba when traveling on a cruise. It runs every half hour into the main downtown area (saving you a scorching walk), and you can get on and off as you wish. There are four trolleys, all of which run on electric batteries, making them a sustainable method of transportation. To get amazing photos from the top, take a double-decker tram.

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