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Women Open Up About How They Stay Safe While Running Alone - Reigning Women

✋ Boy you thought the running part was exhausting...

By Reigning WomenPublished 5 years ago 1 min read
Photo by Cortney White on Unsplash

And you thought the actual running was exhausting...

What is normally considered a relaxing and distracting form of physical activity can be one of the most terrifying and anxiety-stricken daily ventures for a woman. Women were recently asked on Twitter to share what great lengths they go to in order to ease some of that anxiety and, further, keep them safe.

It might seem outlandish to individuals who identify as anything other than female and have lived life as anything other than a woman, proving that this, among many other experiences, is one that is truly not understandable unless you are indeed female.

Perhaps what stresses us out, greatly, in the walls of this office is that it becomes impossible to remedy the worry that comes from simply lacing up your shoes and going for a jog.

Thanks to the media and sad track record of our patriarchal world, the vulnerability that is felt in leaving the house for a few solitary, active minutes seems ever-present.

Amanda Deibert, a writer for television and comic book media, recently took to Twitter and shared a running thread that listed “recommended methods of protection” for women who run alone. Deibert expressed that the thread was the result of a mom group she is a member of, and of course, the social reaction was absolutely tremendous.

After posing the question:

click to see thread >

... women opened up about what they put to use during their moments alone. Some of the responses are below 👇


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