Women: Mid Life Crisis

Are we thinking Too Much?!

Women: Mid Life Crisis

Listening to a prominent male dj on a popular radio station this morning, my gag reflex was engaged to a sexist judgmental comment made about women in their 40s and 50s these days having the female version of a 'midlife crisis'.

The comment made had the air of women, "just thinking too much?" in terms of the change in life. Ultimately the comparison of men versus women when life starts to feel like its giving you well.....donuts, werent as similar as maybe its assumed.

We all make assumptions, when a midlife crisis occurs in men. The typical story is they tend to leave their wives for some younger, bustier, prettier woman and make that Big unnecessary purchase of a luxury car or boat to compensate for their loss of hair or youth.

Where as women on the other hand feel and behave differently it seems. Women going thru a mid life crisis feel bored and kinda stuck in their lives like its an episode of Ground Hog Day.

Some wonder why they arent further in their careers constantly criticising themselves, not being able to sleep at night, feeling like their lives have been moulded to some ridiculous expectation that society has conditioned them to think and feel there Must be "something more" to life than sleeping next a wind bag who play golf every weekend, while turning up to a job 5 days a week, juggling between kid school drop off and pick ups, the occasional coffee date with a girlfriend only to be apart of that feeling of Another episode of yes again, Ground Hog Day.

The number of women that attend personal development courses around this age and even younger, far exceeds the number of men yet screams to me Help Meeeee get out of this lifestyle!

Women going thru a mid life crisis want to Live Life and feel of Purpose.

They are searching for Fun experiences, to learn and reconnect with their inner being or wanting the How To of developing areas of untapped skills they never knew they had. They want to go back to school and pursue that old dream they had when they were young. To transform their lives completely and rebirth as a New and improved version of themselves to be unleashed onto the world as a royal F*You I Aint Done Yet People! Attitude.

There maybe cars and boats of ridiculous purchase involved but my point is, women are more about growth than superficiality. Yes, they are emotional, yes they struggle managing 5 jobs at once cos Thats what apparently is expected. But you tell me one woman CEO who doesnt have balls? and is "just thinking too much?" when it comes to being a boss of her own company and of her Own Life?

The lack of support from friends, family and co workers when this time in a woman's life happens is another unnecessary stress women have to go thru during this time in their lives. They struggle with getting the understanding and encouragement thats needed to help them change and move forward. Often being held back by Other's somewhat negative opinions with the re occurrence of questions like, "What will your family think?", "Why you wanna go do That for?", "I thought you were happy, i mean you have such a great job".

Listening to this over and over can in affect drain out a woman's concrete thinking of starting to embrace a midlife crisis or Change in their life and be snapped back into place of identity loss, right back where she started.

Circling back around to my bias fighting bias opinion. Women arent "thinking too much" when Life starts to give them lemons. Woman going thru their crisis, step back, re evaluate, find the tools and find how to make the Best lemonade in town with those lemons.

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-Peace Out

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