Can you, Be You in this World?

Social Media: Effective or Destructive?

Can you, Be You in this World?

It was about 6 months ago I woke up one day and thought Id had enough of mainstream society, clocking in and out of a job i just couldn't bare any longer. The mornings and late nights flicking thru other people's social media posts, wasting my life away thinking what has This world we live in created for us as human beings?

No. It wasn't depression kicking in or a midlife crisis. My realisation.. was an awakening.

Dont get me wrong a lil behind the screen "stalk" time still pulls me in. As i find it mildly entertaining as the next person, yet aware that Reality Isnt a colorful rainbow unicorn of Amazing holidays and perfect bodies. That the integrity of these posts to me Should be delivering the message of Just That. Its Not like That 100% of the time and life is What You Make it, For You.

Yet our apparent need for things to be like this 100% of the time or that we Need the latest phone, car, spray tan, blah blah. Screams to me that peeps are actually really unhappy or Too Scared to Live Their life actually Happy.

In one way, social media can be a good thing. Inspiring Others to travel to unknown places, generate Hope and feel like they are apart of something or to create their own life with endless possibilities and to get messages out there of a positive nature.

But on the flip side of this it too can create a negative field within ones self of inadequacy, despair about the state of the world, ones own future in it and actually feel a sense of isolation. One can feel confused and overwhelmed of what to do with their life and get caught up in how to express their true selves yet falling down to continuously compare themselves to Whats Out There or What makes Them so Special to Rise above It All and be this whatever it is to ultimately just "Fit in".

Rather than Just Being Yourself. Cos the stigma of being Yourself is just too Scary.

Where really its an Unnecessary pressure to put on yourself from outside influences you really shouldn't give a shit about anyway. But you do it, cos you want to be "apart" of something and think that doing what the masses Do is what Your Supposed to do.... (enter eye roll please...)

So we chase our tales working 3 jobs while attempting to become the next Big Thing on Sliced Bread with all of our faked "happy life" posts when realistically we are just burying our souls in the pockets of consumerism and the hidden bureaucracy we quite frankly are uneducated about.

So in saying all of this, i ask, what does it all mean?

Ive spent this last 6 months trying to work this out myself.

How our everyday society has lost control of their own lives and handed it over to Well, Others, to decide whats right for Us. Where has our own inner voice they call "Intuition" or to a greater extent Human Rights gone?

How does one filter out their own individuality and free spirit thinking in the sea of Same Same but Different approach to life we all have been conditioned to "share" with a false value system?

Ill put my hand up and admit i dont have all answers or a special pill with a fancy home shopping channel commercial to sell it to you to change it.

Using social media as a basis for this discussion per say.

All i do know is this, When we disconnect from all of the Noise of what others project onto us or how Life Should Be thru online forums. Its Only then we find our own inner voice to our Own path and start accepting who We are and not what is expected.

You Will "Fit In" with the right peeps, once the layers of who Are Not Come Off and the choice to demise constant comparison to others engage.

Oddly enough, You will Always find a like minded tribe of unapologetically Real humans. With Real feelings, who might have sagging butts, pimples kicking around in Dunlop Volleys type vibe But the point IS-

They Vibe With your Vibe and Not what is conditioned of us.

Cos darling No Gucci handbag or ballooned bubble butt will ever create a Happy, meaningful Life.. (snap..did i just say That??...)

Be You Dont Be the Masses.

-Just Sayin' :-)

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