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Why are handicrafts useful?

Handicrafts help people

By Enas El Nemr Published 5 months ago 3 min read
Handicrafts are useful for kids

Do you know that crafting simple handmade items brings comfort to you when you need to calm down? Don’t worry about the materials; they are already languishing at your home. No matter how your handmade product looks like, the most important is its benefit to you.

Your iced beverage bottles stored in your refrigerator, your creams containers shoved into your drawers, your medicine bottles on your shelves, your coffee bottle on your work desk at home, all these bottles you consider junk or garbage, on the contrary, they are useful materials you can use to make beautiful crafts.

Bottle caps that come in a variety of patterns, colors and finishes can be used in any décor. There are plenty of fun and interesting bottle cap art ideas. You need simple additional material which is the glue, by gluing bottle caps together you can make a basket, a dish to put your fruits and vegetables in, bottle cap coasters for your hot cups, you can decorate the frame around your mirrors at home with bottle caps, and other many cool creative things.

Handicrafts are useful for kids

If you collect a bunch of bottle caps to teach your child how to create innovative things with it, you will help him to be more smart, innovative, depend on himself, learn from what he creates in an enjoyable learning environment. For example, teach your child how to make a clock of plastic bottle caps by gluing caps together, adding numbers on each cap, making a small arrow from papers or plastic in the middle pointing at one of the numbers to teach your child the time and the numbers while hanging the clock on the wall in your child’s room to encourage your child crafting more teachable things. Your child can also enjoy learning how to hand craft his school tools with bottle caps such as his pencil container.

Handicrafts are useful for the elderly

Your senior loved ones who are bored at home due to their limited mobility, if they spend their time crafting simple useful handicrafts, they would beat their boredom and protect themselves from Alzheimer’s. If they focus on what they can craft, and get psychological support, absolutely they would be happier. You can provide your senior loved ones with your support by showing your interest in their crafts. This would give them a sense of purpose and allow them to take pride in their craft work.

Elderly people who combine between making crafts and practicing their favorite activities such as gardening and fishing, they are more active and feel healthier.

Fishing injects happiness into lives of many elderly while there are some crafts they can make to increase their enjoyment of fishing such as crafting bottle caps fishing lures. The shiny color of bottle caps reflects sunlight from water so attract more fish.

Gardening is a good exercise too for seniors. If seniors have some garden crafts ideas to do while gardening, this would help them to increase their flexibility and mobility such as making pots for plants by gluing some plastic bottle caps together to make pots. Seniors can use their creativity to transform their simple yards into hidden paradise by making their own stepping stones and painting them to add beauty to their garden path.

Handicrafts are useful for patients

Handicrafts create a pleasant atmosphere for patients. Patients can do some crafts to improve their mood such as tea light candles. They just pour wax into metal bottle caps, put a wick, light the candle, float it in a bowel of water, and look at it then they feel relaxed because candles have calming properties.

In general handicrafts may reduce patients’ stress, link patients to their positive past memories while this may help to alleviate their pain.

Finally, to sum up, handicrafts help people by stimulating their creativity and imagination which make them take better decisions.

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