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Thelma and Louise: A lesson in girl power.

by Hannah B 10 months ago in feminism

"Let's not get caught [up in the patriarchy]. Let's keep going."

Seriously. Name a more iconic duo.

I don't think I should have to warn about spoilers from one of the most iconic movies in history, especially one that is almost 20 years old, but I will anyway: if you haven't seen Thelma and Louise, you should first go watch it immediately, but second, keep in mind this article does contain spoilers.

The following is an argument as to why I believe Thelma and Louise are THE most iconic duo of all time.

First off, Thelma and Louise was written by a woman (Callie Khouri-- also wrote The YaYa Sisterhood and the series Nashville), who didn't really want the film to be directed by Ridley Scott because the last thing she needed was for her feminist action film to be ruined by some heterosexual male energy. Ridley Scott was like, "hey, to my credit, I cast a woman as a lead in Alien. Give me a break." Khouri was like "ugh, fine. I guess you're woke enough to help create the most badass female characters in film to date." Thus was born the most iconic duo of all time.

Before we get into the story of friendship and kickass feminism, I mean... just look at them. They are timeless fashion icons. I would kill for Thelma's jeans, and I'm genuinely certain I just saw a young woman wearing Louise's exact outfit from the above shot at the farmers market last weekend. Granted, we would not sport the confederate flag, but this was an 80's film and we're gonna go ahead and say if it were present day dear Thelma would know better. She's meek but she definitely isn't stupid. These are not the only incredible style moments in the movie. I mean:

FIRST OF ALL, let's take not of the fact they were also snapping selfies long before it was in vogue. And those curls? Those lip colours? The accessorizing? Lana Del Rey should be thanking these queens every time she publishes an album cover! And we can't forget Thelma's stunning double denim and updo:

Try to tell me you haven't seen that outfit out and about this summer. Respect the origin of today's fashion, ladies. Because you're looking at it.

Style aside, Thelma and Louise have something to teach everyone about sisterhood and standing up for what's right, okay? Louise literally kills a man for trying to rape Thelma. Period. She is the best friend ever. She gives up her life, her love, her fishing trip, and eventually literally everything else to protect Thelma. Sort if. Like, sure, it may have been a split decision and we are like 98% sure it was fueled by her past trauma, but she loves her friend and hates a misogynistic rapist. We are all on board. Thelma then decided to go on the run with Louise even though murdering that guy was maybe a slight over-reaction, and on the way she decides it's time to live her life however she wants and basically decides she's still on vacation even though she's now evading the law with her bestie. We love women promoting self-care. Take the vacation, honey! You deserve it!

Thelma also sleeps with Brad Pitt (amazing) and after he robs the girls blind she's like "oh it's cool hold on, when I slept with that hottie I learned his robbery skills." and goes and robs a store herself. Don't need no man, don't need no money from no man, we rob our own stores now. Boom. They're teaching us self sufficiency. Resourcefulness. Assertiveness. The art of driving a really cool convertible and your hair still looking amazing.

They also literally blow up a gross pervy guy's truck because sexual harrassment deserves punishment. Then they also steal his hat. Cute. Playful. Girls being girls.

Then they kiss and drive off a cliff rather than surrender and give up their newfound, albeit shortlived, freedom. Louise knows no one will believe her that the rapist guy sort of had it coming, Thelma maybe also got a little carried away with the armed robbery but like she really got her buzz after that Bradd Pitt sex ruined by being robbed! They know it won't end in their favour, so they decide to end it on their own terms. They literally went to the ends of the earth (and then a little further) to be free, empowered, and doing what was right. Mostly.

So we have a duo who exhibit the following: timeless style, confidence, undying friendship and loyalty, feminism, a really cool car, strength, quick decision making, sex with Brad Pitt, resourcefulness, punishing sexual harassers, evading police, being comfortable enough in their sexualities to kiss their besties, and literally not fearing death. As the children would say today... Thelma and Louise are "baddies". Bonnie and Clyde without the ridiculous and dated gender roles. What more could you ask for?

I don't think you can name a more iconic or powerful duo than Thelma and Louise. Honestly, I wouldn't even bother trying if you aren't going to name one that involves a Thunderbird and sex with Brad Pitt.

Got nothing? Yeah, I thought so.

Mic drop.

Hannah B
Hannah B
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