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The Power Of Regret — Harness

The mistaken feeling

By kanchan chauhanPublished about a year ago 3 min read
The Power Of Regret — Harness
Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

all have something we wish we would undoubtedly have done differently. Regret, much like any other feeling, belongs to the experience of being human, but it is a feeling that is often misinterpreted. We tend to avoid assessing our regrets with neutrality, as they can be very awkward to consider. I occasionally think back on a circumstance and wince at the idea of my behavior, and other times, I regret some things I didn’t do or state. Can you connect? According to the writer and social science research specialist Daniel Pink, remorse is our most typical unfavorable emotion.

However, if we find out to harness the power of regret, it can drive us to recognize our worth to make better choices. We can also link far better with others by honestly disclosing our remorses. Looking back at my experiences, I can see a pattern in my behavior (or absence of it) and what was followed by regret. Here they are: Not interacting. This entails not telling a person exactly how I feel regarding them or a scenario — not speaking up for myself, not setting limits, and making points that I didn’t feel comfortable making.

Nevertheless, I have not told somebody I loved them or not told them often enough. I am not investing adequate time with my loved ones or being completely present when hanging around with them. Being distracted is the silent awesome of any moment. We wind up being there literally, yet not psychologically and not with our hearts, and also in those minutes — time escapes. As people, we are unlimited in many means. However, our time here on earth is restricted.

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The only point you can make concerning that is to select how you spend it. So next time you regret scrolling mindlessly on social media sites, remain with that unpleasant sensation and focus on its message. What did you lose out on consequently? Not having the nerve to do things that I fear. We often tend to believe our concerns and validate them by coming up with great reasons why we should not be doing something that we are afraid of. Many individuals look at my life and think that I am so brave.

Yes, I take a trip alone, attempt extreme sports, and consume anything (at least once). I additionally set up my very own service even after falling short two various other services previously, and also I drive in any country! However, I have my worries that stop me from experiencing other pleasures in life.

For instance, I would certainly never take any dating app as well as I have all the justifications why they are awful as well as bad for us; however, deep down,

I am terrified of rejection — caring too much concerning other individuals’ viewpoints and living my life based upon others’ assumptions. Don’t get me wrong; there are some individuals I listen to, as I understand that they enjoy me and desire the most effective for me. Nonetheless, as I age, I become aware of just how much time I wasted on molding myself to meet somebody else’s assumptions. This also indicates not listening to the critical inner voice that I developed growing up. Whose voice does it inform you not to apply to that job because you’d never get it?

By Garin Chadwick on Unsplash

Whose voice tells you that you are unsatisfactory, thin sufficient, pretty sufficient, or talented enough? I wish to welcome you to join me on this representation and document a couple of things you have regretted in your life. Is there a pattern you can see?

What worths show up in this pattern? Looking at my checklist, I can see that I value liberty, guts, stability, vulnerability/connection, and mindfulness. These are virtually the worths I started knowingly creating my life around three years earlier.

And also simply one more thought. There is one point a lot of us never are sorry for: trying — a minimum of once. Besides, you’ll never recognize if you do not try, and also, you may amaze yourself.

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