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take a deep breath

by Harm.nect.87979 12 days ago in art

take a deep breath

take a deep breath
Photo by Motoki Tonn on Unsplash

A planned short trip was finally abandoned because of his son's cold and fever. After listening to the rain hitting the window all night, I hope my son can get better soon.

There seems to be a lot to do, but you can still indulge yourself in such a favorite way. If there is only half an hour of free time, go downstairs, look up at the blooming jasmine roses in the garage of the community, and see the buds sprouting from the neighbor honeysuckle downstairs. The color of red maple on the grass is also very charming; If you have only 10 minutes of free time, make a cup of favorite fragrant tea, smell the elegance, and look at the flowers and plants on your balcony; If there is only one minute, I will go to the window and look at the mountains and trees in the distance. Being alone is like a slimming woman finding an excuse for herself and melting a chocolate. Leave some time and oxygen for yourself and take a deep breath, so as not to make your hands and feet stiff and upset.

When the ancient Jews cultivated, every seventh year, they would let the land rest, stop farming and animal husbandry, and restore the original ability of all things to grow. Many people have such experiences: they have been rushing along the road, exchanging a tired mood for beautiful scenery, and only when they really arrive at the other shore, do they discover that things that once cared so much are not important at all now. It turns out that there are scenery all the way. It turns out that there will always be a glimmer in the dark night, which can make people stop to see where they have gone and what is the road ahead

Everyone wants to have a smooth ride forever, but this is the wish with the lowest realization rate. Folk say: ten years east of the river, ten years west of the river. It is said that from the astrological point of view, Saturn, which represents lessons and wisdom, will periodically wander on people's star map, bringing many tortures and tests. At that time, everything that was going well will become a storm surge. If the headwind is the fate that every one of us has to face, should we give ourselves more courage to move on?

There is a saying I like very much: I cry with joy when I am happy, and I smile when I am sad. Put your whole body into it, and leave decisively ... With such a determined attitude, there is no agitation for quick success and instant benefit, and there is no unwillingness to lose your breath, but a firm will and a leisurely pace.

Every morning, he has a cigarette, a cup of coffee, and the leaves of vines make his eyes enjoy, entangle and tie … This is the meaning of home. The orange flowers are firmly climbing on the neighbor's canopy downstairs. They don't grow, they just bloom and leap in the spring air

Are you catching the posture of blooming flowers? The four seasons always come on tiptoe and walk quietly. However, neither too late nor too early, you are just in time.

Days are like sunshine projections on the ground, and subtle changes in color cause small fluctuations in mood: either strong or depressed; Or peaceful, or warm. Let red bring a good mood. Smile, smile, sadness and depression all turned back

It is said that cherries are delicious and trees are difficult to plant. Standing on your balcony and looking at your neighbor's cherry downstairs, you will think of your childhood mood, waiting for the cherry to mature and sweet, and stretch for a long time in your whole childhood

Sometimes, the scenery is not necessarily in the distance. The honeysuckle coming out of the guardrail downstairs and the new buds of the trees in the white fence can't help but take a deep breath. The taste of this spring is like a melted mint

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