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One piece of work

One piece of work

By FREDDIE JOHNSONPublished 15 days ago 3 min read

Chinese characters are the crystallization of the wisdom of the Chinese people; Chinese characters are the essence of the Chinese nation for thousands of years...... One piece of work, one article, one Chinese character, in the pen formed.

In the past, articles of excellent calligraphy works were pasted on the wall of the classroom. Looking at those excellent works and everyone's envious eyes, I swore secretly in my heart that I would post my works on the wall to show them well, just like them. So my word is improving every day, until now, in A and A+ can also find the name of Ye Zi Qi, which makes me usually raise my head, speak more confident, more confident, a sense of accomplishment always reverberated in my heart.

Look, look, look! The synchronization exercise was sent down again, and I immediately opened the synchronization with great interest. After a second look, I actually interpreted "cold teeth" as "teeth will feel cold when exposed outside". I was laughing and crying, around a few students came to see, a classmate almost put just drink the entrance of the water to spray out, and a classmate laughed to roll to the bottom of the table, the rest of the students are not laughing belly pain, is laughing so hard to breathe. On the next page, I wrote "to one side" instead of "to one side" and "to stay" instead of "to flow". No sooner had we stopped laughing than we burst out laughing again.

In our class, there is a real "master of regular script" and "master of official script", but there are many others like me who write in a disorganized way. Some characters are written in oracle script, and others are full of wrong characters, which makes us sad to see.

Chinese characters, this human unique, we must pass it down, and in any case, we are inseparable from Chinese characters, this is my story with Chinese characters.

"Chinese characters, vivid image. Spreading civilization is unparalleled in the world. Put them together into sentences with cadence. Calligraphy font, each has a specialty. Seal script official script, ancient style. The lines are smooth, regular and dignified. Wild and wild, wild and wild. The form of couplets, original Chinese characters. Right and left neat, can be simple and detailed. It is easy to express and appreciate." Chinese characters, I deal with it every day, it is my good friend, in my growing up, I had many interesting stories with Chinese characters.

When I was young, I had a special love for Chinese characters. I could only write big, small, people... A few simple words. I write "small adult" in the book crooked crooked three words, sometimes can not remember, I will write adult small, or write small people. Sometimes now I can't help laughing out loud when I look through the pages.

In the process of literacy, there will often be a small story that makes people laugh and cry about the wrong word. Remember once, I saw the "proud" on TV when the two words, I looked at them innocently to my father said proudly: "Dad, I know these two words, read 'white elephant'". I didn't have a reaction, my father laughed, laughing, then my father told me that it was "proud" of the two words.

Chinese characters are so interesting, shape close character, shape sound character, homophone...... I like Chinese characters, because they are like an elf, is so interesting, lively, so naughty. Let a person see it can not help but fantasize, we have to admire its broad and profound.

As a Chinese, I feel very honored and proud; Because, we China has a unique that is Chinese characters, in the company of Chinese characters, I happily live every day. It is the treasure of our Chinese nation and the precious heritage left by our ancestors. In the future, I will love every Chinese character like my mother, because they are full of unique charm.

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