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Hottest Valentine's Day Lingerie Sets to Slip Into

by April Demarco 3 years ago in product review

Valentine's Day is the perfect time to show your partner how much you love them. And what better way to do so than with some of the hottest Valentine's Day lingerie?

Don't be afraid to spice things up with your partner on Valentine's Day, it's the perfect excuse to. Buying a nice lingerie set is one of the easiest and safest ways to do so. Plus, it's a gift that will keep on giving for you and your partner.

Who doesn't want to feel confident and sexy in the bedroom? From corset styles to a simple bra and panty set, these are the top ten hottest Valentine's Day lingerie sets to slip into this 14th of February.

With top quality materials, flattering styles, and comfort, these sets will make your Valentine's Day special and a night you won't forget.

This set from Maidenform comes with two parts to the collection, a corset and an embroidered modern brief. The two together make a very sexy lingerie set. As one of the hottest Valentine's Day lingerie sets, this outfit is made to flatter your curves and figure.

You can never go wrong with a black and nude color scheme, and this is perfect for the ladies who don't want to bare it all right away and leave a little room for imagination. Throw on a pair of pantyhose, and you're set for a seductive and intimate Valentine's night in.

Perfect for a romantic evening, this bra, thong, and garter belt set is one of the hottest Valentine's Day lingerie sets on the market. A very sexy and seductive look, this set is most importantly comfortable and flattering.

Made of top quality material that is smooth to the touch, Wacoal's lingerie set is one that you will wear time and time again, for any special occasion. It even comes in peach, mahogany rose, vanilla ice, and black. But nothing screams confidant such as a black lace lingerie set.

Hanky Panky's After Midnight collection is one to drool over, and is simply one of the best lingerie brands. This set is perfect for Valentine's Day due to the color, but also because of the unique lace design. If red is too cliche for you, it comes in a fun tulip pink option as well as black.

This set includes their signature lace bralette in the peek-a-boo style and their solid open panel thong, perfect for couples who can't be bothered to take the lingerie off. You and your partner will be more than pleased to have some fun with this option.

Take your partner's breath away with La Perla's luxury lingerie. La Perla's brand goal is to create lingerie that provides the perfect fit, and this bra and underwear set is no exception. With intricate lacing combined with mesh material, this would be the perfect Valentine's Day treat.

Though a luxury item, it is an ideal piece that will last you forever and can be worn on special occasions such as the 14th. It's one of the hottest Valentine's day lingerie on the market.

A fun and seductive set, this mesh babydoll top is both sexy and adorable. Created with mesh, nylon, and elastane, it will flatter your body's shape. A simple but fun piece, your partner will adore you in this.

Everyone should have a babydoll style piece in their lingerie drawer, and one with a sweetheart neckline just adds to the seduction. It allows you to look sexy, without being restricted by a corset style.

Wearing a bodysuit lingerie piece is one of the easiest ways to look sexy, put together, and show off the right amount of skin. As one of the hottest Valentine's Day lingerie sets, Hanky Panky's Eyelash-Lace Bodysuit is a must have for your midnight plans.

With a flattering elastic waistband, intricate sheer lace body, and halter style, this bodysuit is more than flattering, and will have your partner's jaw on the floor. Plus, it's only one piece, which makes for easy removal, and a comfortable fit.

Another extremely comfortable and easy option, this satin chemise by Jezebel is perfect to tease your partner with. From the front, it looks like a sexy nightgown, but from the back, it provides a very flattering open back and a fun lace detail on the rear end, and best of all, an adorable bow.

Coming in both black and baby blue, this chemise is flattering, sexy, and easy to throw on (or off) after a date night. Your Valentine's Day night will be much more eventful with an addition to your wardrobe like this.

Next on our list of the hottest Valentine's Day lingerie sets is another option from Hanky Panky's After Midnight collection. This happens to be an open panel teddy-style lingerie. Your body will be covered in lace, and the adjustable straps are made for comfort, are a flattering fit, and provide easy access.

The back features a sexy low scoop and thong. Created with both nylon and spandex, it will adjust to your body and flatter your curves. It feels super comfortable, and can be worn under almost any outfit for a fun surprise for your partner to find.

A classic but extremely sexy style, this sheer lace bustier and garter belt set will not only flatter your curves, but accentuate your shape. Coming in both white and black, this can be used as both lingerie and shapewear.

For a fun and feminine look, this set is perfect to surprise your partner after a fun day of Valentine's Day festivities. It's a staple style for any woman's underwear drawer. We suggest giving the black option a shot, and, of course, wear some matching silk sheer thigh highs.

Last, but certainly not least, on our list of the hottest Valentine's Day lingerie set is one created by DKNY. It comes with a matching balconette bra and garter panties. Comfortable and flattering, we love the French grey color, but it also comes in a black nude combination, as well as a wine color.

It's practical and is a great option to keep your stocking high all day long, while providing a very sexy unveiling after a night out. Your Valentine's Day will be much more special with this set.

product review
April Demarco
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