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Dora Rodriguez, Former Miss Universe Finalist

Dora Rodriguez, Miss Universe Finalist

By Quality impact Published 4 years ago 3 min read

Former Miss Universe finalist and current top Playboy cover model Dora Rodriguez tells women to embrace their dualities.

Dora Rodriguez, a former Miss Universe Canada finalist and a current top Playboy cover model says women have many sides to them, and it’s in their best interest to embrace all aspects of their personas.

In an exclusive interview for Vocal Creators, the international cover model explained that the only way to break free of patriarchy isn’t by hiding the different aspects of your womanhood, but by speaking up and telling the world that women can very well be educated, be involved in their communities, while also embrace body positivity, and pose in swimsuits or lingerie. One thing shouldn’t have to be independent from the other. These days, women are expected to work outside of the house and also keep a home, and then be sensual for their husbands at night. They’re expected to fulfill many different roles and be a full package, but then aren’t ‘supposed to’ showcase their bodies in hopes of being considered a ‘respectable’ woman.

Rodriguez says that furthering this narrative damages women, and all women should learn to be supportive of each other. As a former Miss Universe finalist, Rodriguez says that posing on the cover for Playboy South Africa this past January, in a revealing swimsuit, has not damaged her reputation, and many women and men have embraced her bravery in showcasing proudly all different sides of herself to the world.

“Posing for Playboy doesn’t take away my hard-earned education. I’m a journalist and am also currently achieving a Master of Broadcasting degree. Posing for Playboy doesn’t take away all the hard work I put in for multiple charities. I am still that person. But I am also confident enough to celebrate my body and showcase my sensual side, because it exists, it’s there. I’m grateful that in today’s age, more and more people are understanding what I mean, and have encouraged and uplifted me,” explained Rodriguez.

Currently, she is quarantined in Dubai, as she had gone there mid-march to sign a modeling contract with an agency that is now representing her for all of her projects in the middle east. She explains that although she isn’t home in Toronto, and was in the midst of pursuing her acting career in Hollywood, she is happy to be in a safe place and is grateful for this time to self-reflect, write, and further her female empowerment movement one essay at a time, and also one sexy photoshoot at a time. Rodriguez explains that the current global situation has only given her a larger voice, and a boost of confidence to speak up about everything she stands for because she has realized we could be here today and be gone tomorrow. The future looks bright for Rodriguez who has already secured three more fashion magazine covers and multiple international features. However, she insists her dream is acting and she is eager to get back to her acting classes at the world renown acting studio in LA, Speiser Sturges, to improve her craft and create art through bringing different characters to life.

“I’d love a movie role where I get to be this super feminine-looking girl who kicks butt just like the toughest guys. I love Scarlet Johansson and Michelle Rodriguez because they are smart, powerful, beautiful women who aren’t afraid to get down and dirty in their roles. I aspire to be like them and to be fit enough to perform my own stunts. I love talking about female empowerment but the truth is, I prefer showing you!” said Rodriguez.


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