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Best Yoga Poses to Improve Menstrual pain

by Nikita Singh 2 months ago in health

Yoga For Mensuration

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I'm not the only one who has menstrual pain; I have menstrual pain, but I have to put up with it. Menstrual pain is painful, but have you given up?

This time, for women suffering from such menstrual pain, we will show you the effects of yoga and recommended poses to know the purpose of menstrual pain and relieve the pain.

What Is Menstrual Pain?

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The female body has the functions of pregnancy and childbirth. The ovaries produce eggs and send them to the fallopian tubes. The endometrium also gives a soft, thick duvet-like tissue for developing fertilized eggs required during fertilization.

The fertilized endometrium made to raise the fertilized egg is removed from the uterus wall and excreted from the body together with the egg and blood. This phenomenon is called physiology.

When the endometrium is removed, you may also feel severe pain during menstrual pain, which is called menstrual pain. It is said that there are only differences in how the pain is felt, but there are many symptoms such as headache, nausea, lower abdominal pain, and lower back pain.

What Causes Menstrual Cramps?

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The uterus is a muscular structure that connects to the pelvis with ligaments: the anterior bladder and the posterior rectum. The uterus is located in the pelvis so that it is sandwiched. Based on these characteristics of the uterus, there are three likely reasons for menstrual pain.

① The muscles around the pelvis become stiff

The muscles around the pelvis become stiff, and the pelvis does not move well. As a result, the uterus in the pelvis also becomes rigid and inflexible. It is thought that pain is caused by the phenomenon of forcibly removing the uterus's hardened endometrium.

② The pelvis is distorted

The pelvis may gradually become changed due to regular posture habits and an imbalance of muscles around the pelvis. When the pelvis is distorted, organs such as the bladder and rectum in the pelvis crush the uterus between them, making it difficult for the endometrium to come off.

③ Cold body

It is thought that menstrual pain is also caused by coldness due to poor blood circulation in the lower body. As the uterus cools and hardens, the endometrium becomes challenging to peel off, and forcibly peeling off causes muscular pain.

What are yoga poses to relieve menstrual cramps?

Let's aim to relieve the pain by using yoga poses therapeutically for the causes of menstrual pain mentioned so far.

1.Figure-four pose

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In a prone position, bend one knee, open it outwards, and then pull your legs toward your chest. Keep this pose while repeating deep breathing. The muscles around the hips and hips of the person who bends the knee and opens outward gradually grows.

By performing this pose on both sides, you can expect the effect of improving blood flow around the pelvis and correcting the pelvis by removing the hardness of the muscles of the buttocks.

2. Eagle twist pose

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Cross your legs and tilt your knees to one side. Let's keep this pose while repeating deep breathing as it is. The weight of the upper portion that you hooked stretches the muscles around the buttocks from the spine and deepens breathing.

As the body gradually relaxes, it can be expected to relieve pain.

3. Grasshopper corner asana

Image Created By Canva-( Grasshopper Corner Asana)

Put your feet together in the middle of your body and slowly bend forward. The muscles around both hip joints and buttocks are stretched, and the pelvis position is corrected.

At this time, let's relax the back and buttocks while repeating deep breathing instead of trying to force the body forward. It can also be expected to effectively improve blood flow in organs in the pelvis and relieve cold.

4. Child's Pose

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Sit down put your big toes on. Open your hand to shoulder width, stretch in front of your body. Bend your upper body forward, and place your forehead on the floor. Open knees slightly so that your knees are next to your chest, and attach your hips firmly to your heels.

Including the middle fingers of both hands facing straight ahead, pull the abdomen within, and stretch the spine long. Relax by pushing the back of your neck while relaxing your shoulder and keeping your shoulder and neck away.

Child pose improves blood circulation, helps to cure back pain, and improves kidney and liver function. The brain stretches and strengthens the muscle of the hips, thigh, and ankles. This pose should not be done in the pregnancy or suffering from diarrhea and knee injury. A great way to relax your body, it helps to relieve the menstrual cramp.


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Let's look back on the "effect of yoga to relieve menstrual pain."

About menstrual pain about the causes of menstrual pain About yoga poses to relieve menstrual pain.

How was everyone? You can say "goodbye" to the menstrual cramps that you thought were painful and painful.

Menstrual pain is never tolerated, and if you know the cause and take appropriate measures, you can control the pain. By practicing the yoga poses I introduced this time, you will realize that yoga can be expected to relieve menstrual pain.

By practicing yoga poses while listening to your mind and body in your daily life, you will finally be able to say "goodbye" even if you have a female-specific disorder such as menstrual cramps. Let's do it.

Please take pride in yourself as a woman and spend happy days. We hope that your mind and body will be comfortable and prosperous.


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