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For those of you interested in following my words....

A Note:
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Well I’ve finally done it folks. I’ve finally went off and started an official site of my own dedicated to the women I’ve penned about here on Vocal. This is actually kind of a scary thought to me, if I must be frank. Why? Well, the internet is a vast machine of barking bloggers, it’s a saturated platform, and it’s very easy to get lost in the sauce. Still the key is time and patience (of which, I have none, but I do have persistence and determination in spades, so there’s that…)

I’ve greatly enjoyed my time on Vocal, however. It’s a wonderful place to begin taking a shot at blogging, deciding if it’s for you, and getting your feet wet in the beginning. I’d recommend it as a starting point to any, if not all aspiring bloggers. More importantly, I am beyond thankful for the various readers that have flocked to read my content on historical women ranging from blacklisted queens, to fallen monarchs, to IT girls and silver screen queens. All these figures have been clouded in mystery and mythology. Some of it you have to truly shuffle through, spending long hours of research in order to bring the truth to the table to the best of your abilities. It helps to have a passion for both writing, truth, history, and the varied personalities themselves. Otherwise it’s just an aggravating chore. Being a hardcore fan girl of all the women I’ve blogged about here, I make it my mission to separate them from the ugly rumors that have stained many of them to this day. One example is Clara Bow’s career failing because of the onset of talkies. This is false, but even Amazon Prime poses this “fact” on Bow’s bio.

Yet, that’s why I spend my time doing what I do here, to shed some light on the rumors of these great women that were far more intelligent than some might have you believe… something many of us can relate to, I’m sure. But I digress!

So, if you've been enjoying my time here on vocal, feel free to follow my new blog site at http://alello.home.blog.

There I will be reposting some of my articles with new, updated flair. For example, Clara Bow: Writing the Wrongs, is now up on my blog site and with a breath of fresh air (and some fancy new photos!), Eventually the articles on Marie Antoinette, Anne Boleyn, and Jean Harlow will also be updated and launched on the site some time in the near future. More importantly, new material will follow with more well-known (and lesser-known) female characters in history that deserve an honest word and/or sometime in the sun. There's also a little bit more about myself if you're curious about that. Like what I do, what I like and what I don't like, and one or two opinions whether you like them are or not (but hey, you have to know what you’re getting into, right?)

If you’ve been reading for some time, you might notice that I haven’t posted in some time, and much of that has to do with life’s little surprises. Which can sometimes take priority over where you need to direct your energy. I’m in the process of researching for another blog article, but I can’t promise when it’ll be ready. I'll be leaving this page up for a time, but there will be no more posts on this site from here on out. If you like what you're reading, you get all this a more on my new site:


Thanks for reading! Hope to “see” some of you at the new Lello homestead!


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A. Lello
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