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Wrestling: rule change favors offensive wrestling ... better for the sport?

High School wrestling has just implemented 3 point takedowns and 4 point nearfalls

By Garv SenPublished about a month ago 3 min read

High school wrestling is about to get more exciting. Starting with the 2024-2025 season, two major rule changes will come into effect: takedowns will now be worth 3 points instead of 2, and a nearfall, which used to be worth 3 points, will now score 4 points. These changes aim to make the sport more thrilling, encourage offensive wrestling, and hopefully attract more fans and participants.

The idea of increasing the points for takedowns and nearfalls isn't entirely new. College wrestling adopted these changes before the 2023-2024 season, and the positive impact was immediately noticeable. Matches became more dynamic and engaging, with wrestlers more willing to take risks and showcase their skills. High school wrestling officials are now hoping for similar results at the high school level.

The Changes Explained

Takedowns Worth 3 Points:

A takedown occurs when a wrestler brings their opponent to the mat from a standing position and gains control. Previously, a takedown earned the wrestler 2 points. Under the new rules, it will be worth 3 points. This change is significant because it rewards wrestlers more for initiating and successfully completing offensive moves.

Nearfalls Worth 4 Points:

A nearfall happens when a wrestler almost pins their opponent, holding them close to the mat for a certain amount of time. This used to be worth 3 points, but now it will earn 4 points. By increasing the reward for a nearfall, the rule change encourages wrestlers to aim for more dominant positions and to work harder to secure nearfalls.

Favoring Offensive Wrestling

One of the main reasons for these rule changes is to favor offensive wrestling. Offensive wrestling is when a wrestler actively tries to score points through takedowns, escapes, reversals, and nearfalls. This style is generally more exciting for spectators because it involves constant action and strategic maneuvers.

With the new scoring system, wrestlers who focus on offense will have a greater advantage. For example, a wrestler who scores two takedowns under the new rules will earn 6 points instead of 4. This can create a significant lead and force their opponent to become more aggressive in response, making matches more competitive and interesting.

Making the Sport More Exciting

The changes are also designed to make wrestling more exciting to watch. By increasing the points for takedowns and nearfalls, matches will have higher scores and more dramatic shifts. A single takedown or nearfall can now change the course of a match more significantly than before, keeping fans on the edge of their seats.

In college wrestling, these rule changes have led to more explosive matches with higher scores. Wrestlers are more incentivized to take risks and go for big moves, knowing that the rewards are greater. This has translated into a more entertaining experience for spectators, which high school wrestling hopes to replicate.

Growing the Sport

High school wrestling is not as popular as some other sports. By making the sport more exciting and rewarding offensive strategies, they hope to attract more fans, participants, and media attention.

The success of the new rules in college wrestling suggests that similar outcomes can be achieved at the high school level. More exciting matches could lead to higher attendance at meets, more coverage in local media, and greater interest from students considering joining their school’s wrestling team. In turn, this could help grow the sport’s popularity and ensure its future.

By increasing the points for takedowns and nearfalls, the changes favor offensive wrestling and promise more dynamic and engaging matches. Inspired by the positive impact seen in college wrestling, high school wrestling officials hope these changes will help attract more fans and participants, ultimately boosting the sport's popularity. As the 2024-2025 season approaches, wrestlers, coaches, and fans alike are eagerly anticipating the start of a thrilling new era in high school wrestling.


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