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Top John Jay Quotes for 2023/2024

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By Rich MonettiPublished 3 days ago 3 min read

Football versus Yorktown, the Huskers are threatening late in the game, and the Yorktown QB floats a balloon into the end zone. Jack Marcogliese the only one in sight, he just had to settle under and accept the gift wrapping

“I saw Christmas coming early,” he said. And the pick ended the game

Same game, Tommy Machado is getting his first varsity start at QB and series number one would most likely be conservative. Instead on second down, Machado calls an audible and connects with Marcogliese for a 35 yard gain. Not typical work for a novice, Coach Candarelli was completely onboard with his rookie. “He ain’t a rookie anymore.”

In the sport of swimming, the 500m freestyle is an absolute grind. So in order to fill the lanes, the call goes out before every meet, and the trepidation is deafening, according to Euwen Chong “There’s silence,” he conceded. “We all just stare at each other.”

Girls Soccer vs Dobbs Ferry, the goalie beat and there was nothing in front but an empty net. Nonetheless, Ella Kerman stuck to her guns. She blasted away instead of taking the easy tip and with good reason. “It’s better to go through the net than over,” she assured after the 2-0 victory.

After defeating Yorktown Tennis, Talia Blechman acknowledged that she has taken on the free spirited cheerleading roll that Getuarba Tetaj had. She also was glad to have help in that department from Getuarba’s sister Blinera. “We have her little sister,” joked Blechman. “She’s like Getuarba 2.0.”

With a big invitational ahead in Manhattan, Meg Winter laid out the country advantage of her teammates. “We’re going to beat those city girls, because they don’t have hills.”

In the field hockey semifinals versus Rye, two overtimes and nine shots into the shootout still had the game tied. All the pressure, the game hinged on the Wolves youngest player, so she got into her right mind. “I just thought, it’s your time, I have to do this.” Callan Keeley said.

She delivered the win.

Opening the season versus Fox Lane, Katheryn Becker doesn’t consider seeing the sunrise a sacrifice when hitting the ice for daily practice. “I love 6AM,” said the John Jay freshman. “It’s the best way to start your day, and I walk into first period all fired up.”

On the mountain in January, James Bysshe understood the perilousness of the rainy conditions on this night. His solution flew in the face of the danger, though.“Just go faster,” Bysshe clarified.

At the Wizards game, Mary Murphy noticed the lack of defense that the John Jay faculty was playing. So Brooke Habinowski chimed in with the remedy her teammates would have gotten in the event. “On Monday, our coach would be doing suicides,” she joked.

The John Jay basketball players weren’t alone in their assessment of the aftenoon, and it was the AD who also poked a little fun. “I don’t think I’d want any of them on my team,” Christian McCarthy said in all good fun.

On the tennis courts, Chaz Thea could jab too and had no problem directing at himself. “My strengths, it would be better to ask me about my weaknesses,” he deadpanned. Thea wasn’t done either and had the perfect mask for hiding any deficiencies. “With my smile.”

Girls LAX versus Bronxville, and the Finja Degl express kept scoring in the Wolves 9-5 victory. The scoring celebrations were also status quo. In other words, the first hug always goes to her sister, and the freshman never applies the brakes. “She’s my ride or die.”

In a match up against Greeley, the game was getting a little tight in the final minutes, and a draw win was imperative. So Dom Savastano readied in the middle of the field. “You got to put your nose down and grunt through it like a badass.”

Jojo Degl missing several games due to injury, and Caitlin Brennan was definitely around the bend with her teammate’s return. “Having her back in the works, we had the wheels turning.”

In the Quarterfinals of the Sectionals, John Jay had a late lead, and at the plate with the chance to add some insurance, Eliot Arbogast applied the deductible. “Two runs is great but three runs is better. And a single to right did just that in the 7-4 victory.


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