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Stone comes of age as Gordon teams up with All-Star teammate for title run

What are the implications for the three teams when the deal is made?

By Fei Ye LanPublished about a year ago 3 min read

Previously, the Sun's official announcement that the team has reached an agreement with Crowded, he will not attend the team's media day and after training camp and preseason, and the team will send him to the team of his choice before the start of the new season. According to the U.S. media, the Heat were once the biggest potential home for Crowded, but it was difficult for the Heat to find matching chips to get Crowded before Demon, Gladiola and others became eligible for trade.

And just today, celebrity reporter Each Lowe broke the news that sources informed ESPN that the Cavaliers are showing strong interest in Crowded. After getting Mitchell, the Cavaliers have a strong back court with a two-gun combo, but their three position is still a weak link that needs to be addressed. The experienced and strong 3 player like Crowded perfectly fits their requirements for the playoffs and even the championship. Once the Cavaliers make the playoffs, Crowded will be put forward by the team to guard superstars like Durant, Butler and Tatum.

Potential trade options.

American media "F" also followed up the report to write a three-way trade proposal involving Crowded. In this potential deal, the Rockets, Suns and Cavaliers are involved, as follows: Houston Rockets send Eric Gordon, Kenyan Martin Jr. to get Sari, Osman, Dylan Lender, a first-round pick from the Sun, and a second-round pick from the Cavaliers; Phoenix Suns send Crowded, Sari, 1 first-round pick to get Eric Gordon, Kenyon Martin Jr. and 1 future second-round pick from the Cavaliers; Cleveland Cavaliers sent Osman, Dylan Lender and 2 future second-round picks to get Crowded. So, what are the implications for the three teams when this deal is done?

In-depth analysis of the pros and cons.

First look at the Rockets, they have many talented players on the roster, such as Jayne Green, Ethan, Barbaric Smith and others can become the core of the Rockets in the future, while Gordon will obviously be cleared from the team, although Kenyan Martin Jr. participated in the Rockets' training camp, but he has generated the idea of leaving the team. In this deal, Gordon and Martin Jr. were sent to the Sun, they can work with former teammate Paul again, together to launch the championship. The Rockets get Sari in this deal, he has solid inside skills and plays tough and aggressive, in addition he is a dedicated player who deserves the trust of his teammates, Sari was able to cut 8.7 points and 3.8 rebounds in an average of 17 minutes per game in the season before he was injured, he can be the backup of Shen Jung and also the starting center of the Rockets, in addition, in this deal the Rockets Also get first-round sign compensation, is bound to be a solid deal.

For the Sun, with a top lineup, but two consecutive seasons of failure, plus the team into chaos, trading Crowded to strengthen the lineup, undoubtedly play a role in stabilizing the military, Chowder's age is getting older, in the offensive and defensive ends of the impact is not as good as in the past. Coupled with the rise of Cameron Johnson, Crowded has lost trust in the team. Martin Jr. has excellent physicality and good shooting ability from the 3-point line, which can bring defensive and scoring security to the Sun's bench. Gordon's three-point ability and defensive ability is not bad, he has been the Sun's favorite outside, Gordon's ability without the ball for Paul and Booker to take away part of the defensive attention, and he and Paul previously in the Rockets period to build chemistry, the two partners will certainly play 1 + 1 > 2 effect.

For the knight, Osman's ability is difficult to meet the team's requirements for the number three position, Crowded, although older, his ability is still above Osman, in addition, Chowder's role in the game is difficult to reflect the data, on defense, Crowded is a defensive tough, often responsible for the opponent's number one offensive player in the lineup, and has the ability to change the defense, on offense, a three-point shot in the key moments worth He can be trusted to be the X-factor for the team to win the game, and he can bring valuable experience to this young Knight.

What do you think about this potential three-way trade?


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