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Warriors want to give Poole 5 years 160 million, the Blazers 2 for 1 to chase Green

Lollard really wants to play with Green

By Fei Ye LanPublished 2 years ago 4 min read

Warriors finalize Poole 5 years 160 million, Blazers 2 for 1 chase Green, replicate "Curry model", 40 + small forward to assist Curry?

In yesterday's game between the Warriors and Lakers, although the Warriors eventually lost by 3 points, but the Green blitz Poole cut 25 points and 6 assists, including a single section cut 18 points, apparently his state has not been affected by the "Green incident". As the saying goes, the enemy of the enemy is my friend, Durant also praised Poole's operation in yesterday's game, saying that the kid is really good. However, deep in the storm of public opinion, Green's return to the game can be a long way off, the American media believe that Myers has begun to plan the trade of Green, the video was exposed, Poole and Green's relationship has been irreconcilable.

Green said in no uncertain terms on air after the beating that he was playing to earn money, and apparently he would not give up a big contract, but the direct competitors he faces in trying to sign a big contract with the Warriors are Wiggins and Poole. But, for now, Poole is Curry's successor in the back court after he retires, and his "Coop-style" 3-pointers are the first choice to guarantee the Warriors' box office, so it's a fact that Poole stays. And Wiggins has become the basic plate of the warriors to win the championship, he has a strong body to ensure stable attendance, it can be said that the warriors give up Wiggins will make the probability of winning the championship greatly reduced.

According to a report by ESPN, the Warriors will reach a contract extension with Poole by the 17th of this month, with a high probability of offering him a 5-year $160 million top salary. Once the contract is landed, Green will not return to the game and Miles will trade away Green before February 20 next year. And according to informed sources, Curry's attitude on the Green incident is very disappointing, although he accused Green of hitting is certainly wrong, but he does not want the Warriors to trade Green, after all, Green is one of the merits of the Warriors 5 years 3 championships, but Green's persona in the team has been a passionate spiritual leader, now this persona completely collapsed, this time Green stay on the team will undoubtedly make the team's atmosphere very awkward, at least Poole Can't stand to be on the same stage with Green.

Previously, American celebrity Bill Simmons said that the Lakers could send away Willow and two first-round picks to get Green and Yield, the Warriors get Turner and a Pacers' first round, and the Pacers get Willow and 2 Lakers' first rounds. However, the poisonous tongue believes that the Warriors will not launch such a deal, as we all know, the Warriors and Lakers have been the most focused match up in the West, the Warriors' move is to create a godly opponent for themselves in the West, when the starting lineup of Beverly, Yield, James, Green and Browns will have a horrible offensive and defensive capability, I'm afraid the Warriors do not have the confidence to overcome such an opponent.

As we all know, in last season the Blazers star Lollard publicly praised Green's ability in the four position, he also has been looking forward to the team to get Green through the trade, however, the team eventually got the Pistons Grant, for the Blazers, today's strength still does not have the strength of the playoffs. It's worth mentioning that after the Green incident, Dillard posted an article on social media in support of Green, saying "when Poole pushed Green, it should be understood that others will fight back", it's easy to see that Lollard is sincere in wanting to play with Green.

The American media "NBA Analysis Network" basketball reporter James Percy today posted that the Trail Blazers will be Green's biggest potential next home, they will also meet everything Green wants in order to keep Lollard, including team status, a contract that he is satisfied to refuse. And the Blazers are willing to send Josh Hart and Patton Jr. II to the Warriors in order to get Green.

Josh Hart joined the Trail Blazers was entrusted with a heavy responsibility, not only the ball increased, the usage rate also improved a lot, the data naturally rose, in the Trail Blazers Hart averaged 19.4 points, 5.6 rebounds, 4.3 assists, shooting 47.6%, 3-point shooting rate of 36%, the true shooting rate of nearly 60%, in the case of the usage rate of 25.3%, Hart's performance has been impeccable, he can not only He can not only block shots but also pass the ball to create opportunities for his teammates, and even finish the offense brilliantly, and also cut 44 points in last season's game against the Wizards, becoming the first player in history to cut 40+ on 70% shooting. Now Hart has begun to transform from a 3-D player to a ball-handling core, and he can finish dry 3 from the 3-point line through fancy dribbling, and can also kill the lane by snaking into the 2+1, and can find open teammates in between lines. The arrival of Josh Hart can allow the Warriors to take the initiative in renewing Wiggins' contract.

And Patton II is a player that Warriors fans love. He was one of the most important role players in the Warriors' championship last season, and he is more than familiar with the Warriors' system and doesn't need any time to gel. The Blazers finally got what they wanted, a quality defensive lineman to improve the defensive strength of the players, Lollard has the same scoring style as Curry, and he will be equally threatening with Green on the block, in other words, Green will play a very important role in the Blazers' system. So, what do you think about this deal?


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