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Real Madrid superstar has officially decided to leave the team!

Real Madrid is the best team in the top five European leagues

By Horse MoroPublished 3 months ago 4 min read

From the season to about a quarter of the situation, Real Madrid is undoubtedly the most stable team in the five major leagues in Europe. Although they do not seem to have an absolute advantage in terms of paper strength, the team's excellent tactical and spiritual attributes on the field make them a unique presence in European football. In the La Lisa, Real Madrid has won the strongest match and occupies the top position in the table alone. From the current situation, as long as they do not make a big mistake, they are still the most promising team to win the league title this season, and it is difficult for other teams to pose too much threat to them. In the Champions League, Real Madrid is also steadily advancing, and they are also one of the most promising teams to finally reach the top.

From the team's technical and tactical level, Lancelot has really shown his old style as a world-class manager. From the performance of Real Madrid this season, they have almost used the tactics of defensive counter-attack to the maximum. In many games, Real Madrid did not have much advantage in possession, and even in some strong matches, they gave up possession to a certain extent and concentrated on creating chances through defensive counter-attacks. From the actual performance, this tactic of Real Madrid has achieved very obvious results. Especially when the team has Vicious, Rodrigo, Benzene and other good defensive counter-attackers, Real Madrid's sharp counter-attack makes almost all teams are difficult to fight. For Real Madrid's tactical system, many big teams don't seem to have found a particularly good strategy to deal with it. This, coupled with Real Madrid's unparalleled experience and championship experience, has made them the most reluctant opponent for many teams.

In Lancelot's tactical system, there is one player that must be mentioned. He plays a very important role in the team, and can be said to be the "eye" of the Lancelot tactical system. He is Delver. Compared to last season, Valve's progress this season is obvious to all. In the league, he has already collected 5 goals and 2 assists. In addition to the contribution of these data levels, the offensive and defensive Bartender almost single-highhandedly supports the right side of the team's offense and defense. In fact, Valve's original position was in the midfield, however, since Toni Rooks and Rodrick are still old and strong this season, plus Joan Armenia is also performing quite well, so Lancelot tried to put Delver in the right side. From the actual performance, Delver performed better on the right side than in the midfield position. In the offensive end, he is extremely good in place, tirelessly running in and out of the field, opening up space and creating opportunities for his teammates, and when he gets his own chance to attack, his excellent finishing ability also allows the team's attack to finally "blossom".

Another highlight of Delver is the defensive side of the game. As we all know, in Real Madrid's defensive system, the midfield position only Joan Armani can be trusted defensive players, Rodrick and Toni Rooks because of age, physical condition and peak period has a certain degree of decline, in the field coverage area is not enough, coupled with their physical confrontation ability is also relatively ordinary, so when encountered with fast, strong impact opponents, Real Madrid's midfield The defense is not enough to be trusted. At the same time, in the right back position, Carnival also because of age and injury factors, defensive ability has declined to a certain extent. In this situation, the role of Delver becomes more and more important. When the team is in a defensive posture, Delver will often drop back to the back position, or even the wing back position to assist in defense. In these positions, he can use his excellent speed and physical confrontation to improve the team's defensive quality.

It can be said that in the Real Madrid team Benzene, Rodrick and other players gradually aging, Delver has become the team's new generation of representative players. In the eyes of the outside world, Delver is very promising to take over the "mantle" of Benzene and become the next captain of the team. However, with the rise of these youngsters, the veterans of the team will have to face the end of the gradual curtain call. Benzene, needless to say, is likely to leave the team after next season. From the current situation, the future of Rodrick and Toni Rooks is also becoming clear. Originally, it seemed that the two veterans were not likely to leave the team due to their excellent form this season, but from the actual situation, it seems that the two have still not agreed on a contract extension with the team. According to Revolve, there is a possibility that both starters will leave the team after the end of this season. Especially Toni Rooks, the Real Madrid star has officially decided to leave the team at the end of this season, and he will probably choose to retire and part ways with the team.

For Real Madrid, in the case of Toni Rooks has decided to go, they have to find a replacement as soon as possible. In addition, in the front line, looking for a replacement for Benzene has also been on the agenda of Real Madrid. However, from the current situation, Mapper seems to be completely out of the team's plans. According to Marva, Mapper has rejected Real Madrid twice in a row, which makes the team very disappointed with him. Therefore, although Mapper's transfer is a possibility, the €160 million attacker will be rejected by Real Madrid.


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