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Heat 2 for 1, 2 for 3 with the Bulls to achieve a win-win situation

By Horse MoroPublished 3 months ago 4 min read

NBA preseason continues to play, the Rockets are on the road to face the Heat, in the previous game, the Rockets had a 38-point victory over the Spurs, and 2022 class rookie Ethan's performance is extremely bright, showing a strong immediate power. And in today's game, the Heat's main players Butler, Forbade, Silo, Lowery all rotated, but the Rockets still lost 110-118 to the Heat, two consecutive wins were ended.

In the first quarter of the game, the Heat's Truthers and the Rockets' Porter Jr. opened up a 3-point shootout mode, the two sides stalemate after 3 minutes, the Rockets rely on Porter Jr. and Jayne Green's 3 points gradually expand the gap, in Porter Jr. made 3-point foul, Matthews hit 3 points, Green looked back at the moon scored 2 points, the Rockets will expand the gap to 14 points, and then Deng Lou led the team to score, Ethan compensation hit, the Rockets in the first quarter to gain In the first quarter, Green scored 11 points, Porter scored 10 points and Ethan scored 9 points.

But when it came to the second quarter, the Rockets fell into a scoring drought, the Heat hit three 3-pointers led by Deng Lou and Kane to catch up with the score, after the two teams catch up with each other, the difference has been deadlocked, the half-time battle Rockets 1 point behind the Heat. In the third quarter, the two sides again in the opening period to open the 3-point attack mode, but in the middle of this section of the Heat's Jovial suddenly exploded to open up the gap, and the Rockets also played a dazzling match afterwards, Martin Jr. received Green's assist contribution to the wonderful foul, Martin and then use the sudden points assist Matthews 3 points soaring into the Ethan one-handed dunk technology, the Heat use free throws to stabilize the situation and build a 7-point lead The Heat used free throws to stabilize the situation and build a 7-point lead. By the end of the quarter, Jovial kept his offensive touch, and with Dunno and Mulder's 3 points, the Heat had the game in the bag.

Rockets in this game despite the loss, but the team's trident are outstanding, including Green got 25 points, 5 assists and 4 rebounds, 3-point shooting 5 of 10, plus/minus is +3, the second highest team. Green played in all 3 games of the preseason, getting 7 points in the first game and returning to normal to cut 23 points in the second game. From a comprehensive point of view, Green has grown in height and weight this year, which also increased his shot stability after the confrontation, plus the outside shot is becoming more and more reliable, and his prospects in the NBA are more open as the ball-less ability continues to grow.

In addition, Ethan's performance is still very explosive, against the Spurs, Ethan cut 21 points and 10 rebounds highlight data, against the Raptors, he cut 24 points, 8 rebounds and 2 steals, this campaign he got 17 points and 12 rebounds, which grabbed 5 front court rebounds, three preseason games his efficiency is extremely high, a teenager's old posture, it can be said that he is the biggest pickup of the Rockets in this year's draft. Although Son is not a top static talent, height and confrontation do not seem to be strong, but his sense of rebounding, as well as in the sense of the shot are great, in addition, Son plays very impact, can dunk without shooting, always give fans a visual feast, but Son needs to be more focused on defense, to overcome the problem of losing position and easily shaken up. It can be said that Ethan, Porter Jr. and Green are the cornerstone of the Rockets on the outside, a trident combination on the offensive end.

However, the Rockets still have their own problems, the first is the problem that young teams must have, poor offensive stability, prone to turnovers, the end of the period by the Heat to overtake the stage, the Rockets in the offense for nearly 7 minutes only 4 points, in the turnovers, the Rockets handed out 25 times throughout the game, the same young people are mainly the Heat only 16 turnovers. Secondly, the rocket in the No. 1 and five position of the lack of talent, the solution to this problem is a long way to go, the new season to practice, continue to rebuild, and strive and the jazz, spurs spell the first dollar sign, grab Wen Ban Lama. At the No. 1 position, waiting for Harden to return to the Rockets, or sign Irving next summer. And once Barbaric Smith cash in on his talent at the four spot, the Rockets will be able to make up for it at the number one and five spots, and get back to the playoffs easily in the 23-24 season.


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