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Only in America Cheaters Prevail in Sports

by Bazooka Teaches 2 years ago in culture
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So many teams and athletes get caught cheating in American sports, but their punishments are never harsh.

Yes, only in Ameria can an athlete or team cheat and win a championship. The message that is sold to our youth is that cheaters will get fined and suspended, but cheating still counts when winning the whole thing. This is wrong at so many levels! American leagues should start punishing athletes and teams that get caught cheating with the ultimate punishment. That ultimate punishment should be to strip all of their trophies away. Does it happen? Nope! Only measly fines and weak suspension get handed out.

The Current Issue at Hand

The Houston Astros and Boston Red Sox were caught cheating against the Los Angeles Dodgers at their respective World Series matches. Both teams are accused of stealing signs from the Dodgers during the finals of Major League Baseball. The Dodgers had made the World Series back to back but only to lose against the Astros in 2017 and the Red Sox in 2018.

Well, both teams that walked away as victors have been investigated and found guilty of cheating. So, some managers from both teams got a slap in the hand. Yes, this included suspension from the league and a fine. The Astros were also fined $5 million and some draft picks were also taken away for the 2021 season. Big deal! What hurts the most is getting the title taken away!

Both the Red Sox and Astros should have their titles taken away as World Series Champions. Yes, this should happen because they only have those prestigious titles because they cheated! If it wasn’t for cheating, they would not be champions! Still, Major League Baseball cannot bring down the hammer as it should. Why? Who knows? American pride maybe?

The message behind this scandal is that it tells people that cheating gets things done, like winning championships. However, if you get caught, be ready to pay fines. That’s all! No big deal! The title is still kept by the cheaters. What about the team or athletes that did everything by the book and lost to a cheating opponent?

Cheaters in the NFL

Tom Brady and the New England Patriots have been caught cheating as well. Yes, Brady who is held aa the Greatest of All Time is a cheater. He had his balls deflated so he could grip the ball better and made to be caught easier. Brady and his Patriots won a Super Bowl like this. Who knows how many times he did this when he had won three prior to getting caught.

Also, New England’s coach Bill Belichick has been caught videotaping his opponents’ practices. This act is considered as a huge low move in the league. Still, Coach Belichick got away with it because he still has massive Super Bowl rings in his hands.

In the end, Brady and Belichick were only fined and suspended a few games. Terrible message for the public to endure. Why should cheaters prevail? It is insane that in America this is tolerated. They were caught cheating twice for two of their titles. Those two titles should be taken away. Stats on Brady should be rearranged because he accomplished good stats by cheating!

Leagues from Around the World Do Not Tolerate Cheaters

Bicyclist Lance Armstrong was stripped of all Tour De France titles when he was caught doping one year. Yes, Armstrong was the American that had won the Tour De France seven years straight and lost it all when he was caught doping.

Any Olympian of being tested positive any enhancing drugs gets their titles taken away from the Olympics. All of them, not just the one for that year they were caught cheating. It is only the right thing to do. Cheaters gain success with a sinister secret and should be punished rightfully if caught.

In Italy, Serie A team Juventus was caught paying referees to favor them during important matches. No titles were accomplished but betting and making money were involved for the club. The Italian Soccer Federation decided to relegate Juventus to the B league. On top of that, Juventus had to start the season with 30 points under all other teams. Harsh!

The Attitude Towards Cheating

When Brady got caught, everyone said that everyone does it. So, what is the big deal? When Belichick got caught spying on his opponents, sports fans said that all coaches do it. So, what is the big deal? When athletes get caught doping, most will say that most athletes dope anyway. The message here by sports fans is that one should not get caught. Still, this tarnishes sports especially if approached by a nonchalant attitude.

If punishments were done right, like taking titles away because of cheating, sports would straighten out. All athletes would stop doping because, if they get caught, all their accomplishments will be taken away. The idea that one can get away with it while cheating is still highly seen as a positive thing, the act of getting caught for cheating has been greatly affected due to this perspective. Cheating should not be tolerated at all!

Once punishment comes down with a heavy hammer, sports teams and athletes would follow all the rules to the tea. There would not be people doping in hopes they do not get caught. If they do, then a cheap fine is paid. Still, soft punishments for cheaters dilutes the true aspect of what sports should really be. Cheaters need to pay the price with the ultimate punishment. Titles need to be stripped from cheaters, period!!


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