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NFL Power Rankings Week 12


By Niko BanksPublished 3 months ago 4 min read

10. Browns (7-4)

Browns have one of the top defenses in the league. Their defense has been so good that it has held their team together through adversity. They lost to the Broncos, which is why they are number ten. Even then, the Broncos had to knock the second-string QB out of the game. I don't think the Browns are done yet, and they are certainly playing like they didn't hear no bell.

9. Steelers (7-4)

The Steelers were already a tough team that found ways to win. They have the same record as the Browns, and they have each beat each other, but the firing of Matt Canada gives the Steelers a higher ceiling. Now that the offense can finally be used to their fullest potential, the Steelers are going to be a problem. If you thought they were tough before when Canada was tying one hand behind their back, then watch out. The Steelers have been turned loose.

8. Dolphins (8-3)

The Dolphins are at eight because they have earned that by continuing to win. However, the Dolphins are the lowest of the 8-3 teams because I haven't seen them beat anybody. Until the Dolphins mount a big head on their wall, I can't give them the benefit of the doubt anymore. They still need to earn it.

7. Cowboys (8-3)

The Cowboys haven't beaten anyone either, but they have performed well outside of the 49ers game, even in defeat against the Eagles. I believe in the Dallas offense and defense. Both are tough and meant to stand through adversity. The Cowboys have shown me they have the ingredients to beat the best. The question is, will they put it together?

6. Jaguars (8-3)

The Jaguars start off a new tier of 8-3 teams. These are the 8-3 teams that have actually gone out and mounted some impressive heads on their mantle. The Jaguars have beat the Bills, Steelers, and with first place on the line, they were able to beat the Texans and knock them off the power rankings. The Jaguars have shown they have a ceiling against the Chiefs and 49ers. However, they are such a well-rounded team that if they get into the playoffs, then they could go on a run. As for right now, they are behind the Chiefs because they lost the head-to-head.

5. Chiefs (8-3)

The Chiefs are a defensive-led team. Their offense showed a spark against the Raiders, but I'm not putting much stock in that because it's the Raiders, and The Chiefs own them. It was concerning how much the Chiefs struggled with the Raiders. Still, the Chiefs' winning ways have got them in the top 5 in the NFL, but their losses keep them from going any further on the list.

4. Lions (8-3)

The Lions could have been number 3. They beat the Chiefs and could have been 9-3. Their past gets them to the fourth spot, but the way they are playing right now is why they aren't in the top 3. The Lions beat the Bears and lost to the Packers, but they played terribly in both games. The Lions should be getting better as they head toward playoffs, but instead, their ship is leaking. The Lions have the talent to be a Super Bowl-level team. The only ones who can stop the Lions are the Lions.

3. 49ers (8-3)

The 49ers are the best 8-3 team. Some think they are the best NFL team, but they have yet to earn that. The 49ers have the best roster in football, but they still have to play the games, and they have. The results were that they dropped three and won 8 times. They are excellent, but they are not invincible. The 49ers have the makeup of the best team in the league, but if they want that spot, they have to go get it. Beating the Bucs and Seahawks helps, but it's not enough. So, for now, the 49ers will stay at 3.

2. Ravens( 9-3)

The Ravens are number two in the league. This season looks different than the 2019 Unanimous MVP season, but in some ways, it's better. For example, the Ravens are a very serious threat to blow out every team that they face. However, the Ravens aren't completely reliant on Lamar to go and do everything, but at the same time, he has better weapons to bury a team or go on a game-winning drive. Then there's the fact that the Ravens have a Super Bowl defense that nobody wants to see.

1. Eagles (10-1)

Even with this year's impressive list of teams, the Eagles are running away in wins and losses in the NFL. A lot of people criticize the Eagles for how they win, but they don't get it. They want pretty wins and dominant performances. But do you know how hard it is to get everyone's best shot and come out on top 10/11 times? Yeah, many teams have looked really good against the Eagles, but 99% of them have gone home with an L courtesy of the Eagles. If it's so easy, who else has done what the Eagles have… Nobody.

Look at the Bills. They played a great game. The Bills were like Iman Shumpert guarding Kobe in the garden. They did well against a great, but when it mattered most, Jalen Hurts and the Eagle's mamba mentality did what they do to 99% of teams: they said you had a great game, then they went crazy and took the game back, and showed the world the difference between a really good team and Super Bowl Team. Eagles are number one…again.


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