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NFL Power Rankings

Week 3

By Niko BanksPublished 2 months ago 4 min read

10. Steelers

There are a lot of similar 2-1 teams, which made the tenth spot particularly difficult to choose. However, when I measured the Steelers against all the teams that didn't make this list, the Steeler's defense stood out. The Steelers defense is one of the best in the league. It's so good that it would be enough to rip through most teams. In addition to that, the Steelers showed progress on offense. If the Steeler's elite defense can be combined with an above-average offense, then everyone else better watch out.

9. Cowboys

The Cowboys were the number-one team in football for the first two weeks. But they find themselves damn near off the list in week three by losing to one of the worst rosters in the NFL. Everything people feared about the Cowboys was true. It seems like the offense isn't good. There isn't much difference between them and the Steelers. Both teams go as the defense goes, but the Cowboys have better personnel on paper. But if the Cowboys want to go anywhere, they need to be able to win because of their offense, too.


The Bills started off the year with an embarrassing loss. However, it might have been the best thing for them because they have been embarrassing teams ever since then. The Bills saw their football lives flash before their eyes in that Jets loss, and they learned from that life-or-death experience. They have been playing smarter football, and if they stick to it, then maybe they can finally achieve their ultimate goal.

7. Chiefs

The Chiefs absolutely demolished the Bears. All that was left of the Bears when the Chiefs were done with them was a chalk outline. However, the Chiefs have yet to look great so far. They lost to the Lions and had to grind out a victory against a Jags team that has disappointed so far. The Bears are the lone exception, and they may be the worst football team in the NFL. The Chief's defense looks great, but this team is about the offense. I'm going to wait and see if the Chiefs have really put it all together. Until then, I can't rank them higher.

6. Lions

The Lions, on the other hand, have looked great. They beat the World Champs in week one, and then they lost because of a bad call against the Seahawks. They dominated the Falcons in week three, making a previously undefeated team look weak. The Lions have good wins, no bad losses, and a lot of talent. Lions are off to a great start.

5. Browns

Watch out for the Browns. The defense has been hunting all year. They have established themselves as a problem for whoever they face. But Deshaun Watson looks like he might be back. He was playing free and making some excellent throws against the Titans. Unfortunately, the Chubb injury might have been just the push the coaches needed to get Watson going by leaning more into him.

4. Ravens

Ravens are still a dominant team. They are tough on both sides of the ball. Even with a slew of injuries and a bad day on defense, the Ravens only really lost because of an egregious no-call by the refs. Of all the one-loss teams, the Ravens have looked the strongest through three weeks.

3. Eagles

The Eagles are still among the Elite in the NFL. They are one of three undefeated teams. However, they are ranked last among the undefeated teams because the Eagles have just been surviving. The Eagles may continue to survive and outlast these other two undefeated teams. Still, they haven't performed better than the 49ers and Dolphins, and until they can, I can't rank them any higher.

2. 49ers

The 49ers are the second-best undefeated team. They have been winning their games, but their performances get less dominant week by week. Still, they have one of the best rosters in the league, and the most questionable part of their team is a QB who has never tasted defeat. Only one team is better in the NFL in the first three weeks.

1. Dolphins

The Dolphins started off the season by beating one of their biggest non-division rivals in a shootout. In week one, they showed that they were more clutch and explosive than the Chargers, whom many were expecting big things from. In the second week, they played their divisional rival, the Patriots. They walked right through one of the greatest defensive minds in the NFL. Bill had no answers for the Dolphins. Then, in week three, the Dolphins laid down a historical butt-whooping on the Broncos. They put up 70 points on Broncos. They beat them so severely that it will be frozen in time for future generations to look back on and say damn. Through the first three weeks, there has been no better team than the Dolphins.


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  • Alex H Mittelman 2 months ago

    Great work and good pictures!

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