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NBA Conference Finals Predictions: Miami Heat vs. Boston/Dallas vs. Warriors

by Michael Reynoso about a month ago in basketball
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The full breakdown of the final 4 teams and which team is capable to advance to the NBA Finals.

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The final four teams in the NBA will battle to become a new champion.

The Boston Celtics will have a chance to raise their franchise’s 18th championship banner, topping the Los Angeles Lakers.

The Miami Heat has a chance to retrieve their franchise’s 4th championship banner.

The Dallas Mavericks are seeking their 2nd title since 2011.

Lastly, the Golden State Warriors are eyeing their 6th NBA title.

So far, game 1 of the ‘Eastern Conference Finals’ has already started with the Miami Heat versus the Boston Celtics. In the series, Miami is up and is about to protect their home floor due to their determined superstar, Jimmy Butler. Before the season ended, Jimmy vowed to step up in the playoffs and return to the NBA Finals to correct the wrongs his team did in the 2020 bubble. As for the rest of his team, their expectations align with Butler, which is the perfect combination of a championship team.

Along with Butler, rising bench star Tyler Herro has become Miami’s unsung hero to help the bench extend leads. All-Star big-man Bam Adebayo has been using his versatility and size to guard the paint. Lastly, the pesky defender and NBA champion P.J. Tucker have been nothing short of amazing when it comes to defending the best player on any given night. There will be more in store when the Miami-Boston series extends further.

Meanwhile, the Celtics’ rising superstar Jayson Tatum, is putting on an absolute clinic ever since he out-dueled 2-time NBA champion Kevin Durant and NBA champion Giannis Antetokounmpo when it mattered most. Along with Tatum, All-Star Jalen Brown has stepped up huge to assist his fellow superstar, along with defensive-minded Marcus Smart and IQ leader Al Horford. Although there will be adversities along the way, Boston has always found a way to overcome deficits and win a series.

Eastern Conference Finals Predictions

My prediction for the Miami-Boston series is relatively simple. This series will go 7 games and since Miami has a home-court advantage and has been undefeated thus far, I pick them to win.

Don’t get me wrong.

The Celtics will play the hardest game of their life and defend until the final minutes. In the end, a determined, defensive Heat will overpower the Celtics and stop Tatum for good.

If you guys disagree with my predictions, make sure to comment on this post so we can start the conversation.

Warriors-Dallas Series Preview

Image Credit: @ItsAllCustomUK

The series that all of us are looking forward to watching will finally begin.

The Dallas Mavericks versus the Golden State Warriors.

Luka ‘Magic’ versus the ‘3-point King’ Stephen Curry.

After burning down the Phoenix Suns in 7 games, the Mavs are looking to change the script and let the world know why they deserve to win an NBA title. Before they complete the mission, the Mavs have to first go through a returning championship team in Golden State. The Warriors have been through a tough 2 years and lost their warrior Klay Thompson to two career-ending injuries (ACL & Achilles).

Ever since then, the Warriors have fought the odds time and time again to be where they are today. This is the perfect example of how you can overcome distractions, career-ending injuries, doubters, and critics to capture your moment. As of late, ‘Game 6 Klay’ has returned with a dangerous small-ball-lineup of Curry-Klay-Wiggins-Poole-Green to fight off the Mavs.

The Mavs-Warriors series can go either way.

Western Conference Finals Predictions

My prediction for the Mavs-Warriors series is close. Both teams will give their all both offensively and defensively on both ends. If the Mavs are down 3–1 or 3–2, expect Luka Doncic to step up huge with a 35+ point performance for the ages. On the other hand, the ‘Golden Blooded’ Warriors will have a chance to use their clutch defense in the final minutes of the game.

This series will go 7 games as well and should be legendary.

Let me know in the comments and share your thoughts about my Conference Finals predictions and which team is capable to advance to the NBA Finals.

Thank you for reading!

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