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My Review of "American Ninja Warrior Women's Championship 2021"

by Brian Anonymous about a year ago in culture
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This competition came out of nowhere. Why is this the first year that they did this?

American Ninja Warrior Women's Championship 2021 aired last Sunday during Mother's Day. I had no idea that it was going to air but it was lucky that my PVR was able to record it. Thank you PVR for recording everything American Ninja Warrior related.

American Ninja Warrior has not been airing that often and understandably so. We're still going through this pandemic and I wasn't anticipating anything from their series for quite a while. That's why this show was quite a shock for me. I don't think I saw any advertisements for this special. Seeing as this was during Mother's Day I'm not too sure a lot of people got the chance to watch it either.

The way it was set up was with 12 preselected female contestants got to participate. This group of women were definitely the female stars of the regular TV series. I was shocked that they filmed this whole thing for only 1 episode. Yes, there are only 12 contestants but they had to go through 3 grueling stages. This could have been separated by at least 2 different episodes that way they're able to fit all of the contestants' runs in the episode. Instead we got some quick play by plays of some of the contestants.

Being a women's competition they still had the same level of difficulty as the regular show. The problem that I thought was going to happen was that there are freak accidents and maybe there won't be a finisher for some of them. Having only 12 contestants with random things happening all the time you never know. There have been regular episodes where there's only 2-3 finishers with 100 contestants.

Luckily these were the most elite contestants that they have on the show. Each one of them were totally capable of finishing everything. The first round was nice to see and recognize so many faces. I always get worried when there's a big name going through the obstacles because I never want them to fail so early on in the competition.

The biggest upset was when Jessie Graff didn't pass through the sideways obstacle on the second stage. I was devastated when she fell but then again it happens to the best. She was one of my top picks to reach the end. Still my two other favorites Jesse Labreck and Meagan Martin were able to pass through.

This show continued to show us that same edge of your seat suspense as each of the women passed through each obstacle. It was nerve wracking at points because if Jessie Graff can fall then anything can happen. That's the beauty of this show sometimes. You really can't tell what's going to happen even if they happen to be pros at this.

I was deeply disappointed that Jesse Labreck couldn't finish that last spider trap obstacle. She was practically there but her shoe was starting to slip. It became obvious that she wasn't getting any grip when it came to pushing those 100 lb glass doors. She was my favorite to win the whole thing.

Fortunately Meagan Martin was able to complete the task. Her run was nothing short of exciting. I always see Jesse Labreck being the best female ninja warrior and when she failed doing it I honestly didn't think Meagan was going to be able to do it. I was proved wrong when Meagan was able to find the buzzer at the end.

That last power tower competition was probably the best part of the show. Having these final 4 women compete with one another to finally crown the women's champion was absolutely pulse racing. Each one of them came out the gates like ferocious animals with the determination to get the best time.

My girl Jesse Labreck looked super strong to win this competition but out of nowhere Meagan Martin came from behind to win the whole competition. It just showed Meagan's confidence and sheer upper body strength to be able to throw herself from one pillar to another. It was mind-blowing! Each of the competitors were so close together that it could have been anyone's win.

I hope they're able to keep creating new ways of having new Ninja Warrior episodes. I really miss watching the show but the pandemic is going to continue to hold it back. Maybe next year we might have something close to what it was in the past?


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