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Highlights from the History of the Seattle Seahawks

Hayden Vonbargen shares some highlights from the Seattle Seahawks' career

By Hayden VonbargenPublished about a year ago 3 min read

The Seattle Seahawks have been a part of the National Football League for decades now. They are one of the most beloved of Washington State’s professional sports teams, enjoying a dedicated fanbase who cheer them on every season. From tough seasons to a Super Bowl win, the Seahawks fans have followed every step of the way. Like many other teams, there are some iconic moments that most Seahawks fans are familiar with. These are just a few of the top highlights from the history of the Seattle Seahawks.

First Season

The Seahawks played their first NFL game in 1976. Seattle had begun exploring the possibility of building a professional team stadium as early as 1957, but it took time for that vision to become a reality. In the summer of 1974, however, the NFL gave Seattle their 28th franchise, officially bringing the Seahawks to life. Jack Patera served as the first head coach for the team. After spending their first year in the National Football Conference, they moved into the American Football Conference. In just their second year playing, Jack Patera was named coach of the year for his work with the team.

Steve Largent

Wide Receiver Steve Largent is probably the most well-known player in the history of the Seattle Seahawks. While he retired after the 1989 season, his legacy lives on. At the time of his retirement, Largent was the NFL’s all-time leading wide receiver, holding six all-time NFL receiving records. He became the first Seahawk in the NFL Hall of Fame in 1995. One of his best moments was during the 1988 season. After suffering an illegal hit from the Bronco’s Mike Harden early in the season that put him into the injured reserve, Largent had a chance at a rematch. In an incredible play, Largent recovered the ball from Harden after a completely clean and legal hit.

The Chuck Knox Era

Chuck Knox became head coach after Patera in 1983. Under his leadership, the Seahawks managed an 83-67-0 record in nine seasons. In his first season, he guided the Seahawks to win the AFC championship. While they lost to the Los Angeles Raiders during the title game, it was one of their best seasons yet. A few years later, his leadership earned the team's only AFC Western division championship in 1988.

Dolphins Upset

In the 1983 playoffs, the Seattle Seahawks were an underdog team. As a wild card team, they had barely made it in. The Dolphins had recently lost a Super Bowl game and were determined to get another shot. With only four minutes of play left in the game, the Seahawks were down by three points. Dave Krieg and Steve Largent connected on two great pickups, getting the ball to Curt Warner, who snagged a touchdown on an outside run. This event is still remembered as one of the greatest upsets in football history.

Super Bowl XLVIII

In 2006, the Seattle Seahawks had their first chance at a Super Bowl title versus the Pittsburgh Steelers. However, they were unable to claim the victory that day. After several rough years, the team underwent some restructuring, leading to 2013. That year, they had the top defensive lineup. They made it to the Super Bowl, facing the Denver Broncos and their incredibly strong offensive team. Nevertheless, the Seahawks boasted a 43–8 victory, earning their first and only Super Bowl victory in the team's history.

Professional sports teams create a unique sense of community. People from many different backgrounds and walks of life can connect over their shared love for resilient players, sharing in the joys of victory and commiserating when the team has a rough game. The Seattle Seahawks have seen their fair share of ups and downs but have pressed on thanks to their loyal fan base. These are just a few of the most memorable moments in the team’s history, but they will surely add many more in future seasons.


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