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Four College Football Teams That Are Better than Their Record

These four teams are playing at a higher level than their record indicates.

By Alec LowerPublished 7 years ago 2 min read
Photo: Greg Oyster, 247Sports

These four teams are playing at a higher level than their record indicates.

Florida State (2-4)

Florida State isn’t remotely close to the playoff contender it was expected to be. The loss of starting quarterback Deondre Francois in the very first game did nothing to help its cause, but it’s definitely not the only reason the Noles have already lost four times. That said though, this team is still better than its 2-4 record would indicate. Its four losses have come to teams that are a combined 25-4 (Louisville accounts for three of the losses), and three of them have been by six points of less. FSU has faced a daunting schedule, made more difficult by the hurricane that canceled its tune-up game against Louisiana-Monroe. Instead of that being backup quarterback James Blackman’s first start, it was NC State and one of the best front sevens in college football.

Georgia Tech (4-2)

Georgia Tech should be undefeated. Late fourth quarter meltdowns against Tennessee and Miami are the only reasons Georgia Tech isn’t a top ten team right now. Actually, forget the fourth quarter. Georgia Tech is two plays away from being without a loss. The Jackets botched a two-point conversion to beat Tennessee and gave up a circus catch on a game deciding 4th and 10 at Miami that allowed the Canes to kick a game winning field goal. It’s unlikely that Georgia Tech will be playing for anything meaningful this season anymore, but this is not a team you want to see on your schedule if you are.

Indiana (3-4)

When the Hoosiers were leading Ohio State 14-6 on opening weekend, you could have convinced me of two things. Indiana is good and Ohio State is not. Now neither of those ended up being true, but Indiana is certainly a bowl worthy team despite it sub-.500 record. There are probably five good teams in the Big 10, and Indiana’s conference schedule had it playing four of them in the first four games. It was competitive, at least for a while, in every game except Penn State. It didn’t win any of them, but it nearly did manage to beat Michigan and Michigan State. The good news for the Hoosiers is they will only see one team the rest of the year that is as good as the four teams it has played already. Look for Indiana to win four of its last five and get to a bowl.

Texas (3-4)

Oh, what could have been for Texas in Tom Herman’s pilot season. The Horns have lost three games by five points or less, two of which went to overtime. It was pretty awful in its opening week loss to Maryland, but since then Texas has looked like a decent team that just can’t finish a game. Texas has gone toe to toe with ranked foes USC, Oklahoma, and Oklahoma State only to come up one huge mistake short in all three games.


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