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Best Football Apparel You Need on the Field

In order to be the next Tom Brady or Odell Beckham Jr., you'll need to grab the best football apparel before you step onto the field.

By Jesse KinneyPublished 6 years ago 6 min read

The right equipment can make all the difference. This is true for every competitive sport. Aside from constant practicing and hard work, using the most efficient and trustworthy tools available to you is the most essential aspect of being a successful athlete. In terms of football gear, this applies to several important pieces of equipment that should not be overlooked.

It's not just helmets that are important to ensure safety and success on the gridiron; there is so much more gear including gloves, cleats, shoulder pads, and more that can make a difference. In order to set yourself up for success as you attempt to become one of the best NFL players of all time, be sure to check out the best football apparel on the market below and decide what's right for you.

Just in case anyone was still unaware, football players hit hard, very hard. A lot of the most well-known names in football history are most infamous for their vaunted tackling ability. If you have hopes to become a bruiser like Dick Butkus, Brian Dawkins, Ray Lewis, etc. or just want to protect yourself from players like them, you'll need reliable and durable shoulder pads. These are the pads that receive almost all of the impact you will receive or give on the field, so it's essential you choose wisely.

For my money, the XFlexion Flyte shoulder pads by Xenith are the best ones around. They are made with XFlex Shock technology, which reduces the force you encounter through multi-stage compression. Xenith also included high-impact foam padding and a floating sternum plate to ensure the protection you need. It's clear Xenith has placed an emphasis on player safety, which is exactly what everyone should be looking for.

Everything that I just said about choosing wisely and putting an emphasis on protection for shoulder pads goes doubly, nay, triply true for football helmets. With the science and consequences behind concussions becoming mainstream news, thanks in large part to Concussion, one of the best football movies based on true stories, head safety has become the name of the game. The NFL is scrambling to change its rules to keep players safe, and football gear companies are redesigning everything to follow suit.

Riddell, a great example of this, is now offering an above average football helmet that is both safe and customizable. It possesses patented side-impact protection and an innovate flex system that reduces energy directed towards the head by diverting it through the shell, facemask, and facemask attachment system. Additionally, Riddell gives you the option to choose the color, facemask style, and facemask color. Whether you want safety, style, or both, this helmet can do it all.

Since nothing is more important than safety, and since we all now know the dangers football poses to the brain, I'm throwing in another football helmet to give you some options. The Vengeance football helmet from Schutt offers the same customizable options as the Riddell, and is less than half the cost of its competitor.

While it may not be as protective as the Speedflex, it's no slouch either. It boasts a patented TPU cushioning system, designed specifically to absorb impact in any temperature, and comfort liners to add cushion and, well, comfort (in case that wasn't clear from the name). If you're looking to ball out on a budget, this would be the one for you.

Though football pants may not be viewed as important as shoulder pads and helmets, they have the important tasks of protecting your legs, making them invaluable to any player. These football pants from Russell Athletic are wallet-friendly, machine washable, and come in a variety of colors. In terms of protection, there are separate hip, spine, knee, and thigh pads. Your legs will be protected and it won't break the bank.

Now, onto the skilled positions. Wide receivers are often in the limelight, and for good reason. They can make spectacular grabs, juke and spin defenders out of their socks, and score touchdowns with ease. All of those plays are what fans pay to see, but it's all contingent on wide receivers catching the ball. Ask any football fan, they'll tell you there's nothing quite as infuriating as dropped balls. The easiest way to avoid this all too often problem is by investing in high-quality receiving gloves.

Under Armour decided to take high-quality and mix it with an entire can of pizzazz. The designs these gloves are available in are insanely cool, and will let everyone on the field know who they should be worried about. Made with high compression HeatGear fabric, these uber-stylish gloves provide comfort, and help with moisture management for outdoor conditions. Leave the catching to the GlueGrip technology on the palms, and you'll be making the catch of the year in no time.

If you're more into the Nike football scene, the Vapor Jet 4.0 gloves should be your pick. With a sleek design in their own right, these lightweight gloves have a special grip all their own, Magnigrip. Equipped with the impressive sounding Magnigrip and covered in a mesh exterior, Nike is giving your hands the ability to make spectacular catches while providing breathability throughout the entire game. These are ideal for all those who want to be star receivers, but want to do so in a less flashy, Jerry Rice kind of manner.

For the most important player on the field, this Pro Combat Dri-Fit Wrist Coach is necessary for all quarterbacks who want to be great. Nike can seemingly do no wrong when it comes to football gear, and this Wrist Coach is no different. It has an extra large playbook window that can easily hold every play in the book. The fog-resistance of the Wrist Coach is coupled with dri-fit fabric, which will keep moisture at bay, so you can trust that your playbook will remain reliable and visible throughout the game.

Remember when I said when Nike could do no wrong when it comes to the best football apparel? Well, don't expect that to stop anytime soon. The Alpha Menace football cleats are ideal for lateral cutting and agile movements (looking at your wide receivers, running backs, and linebackers), as their three-sided studs were designed with sharp turns in mind.

The best part? These cleats are available in the style of several NFL teams including the Seahawks, Titans, Eagles, Giants, and a few others. I can think of no bigger way to remind yourself of your future goals than to see where you're striving to reach on your feet at the beginning and end of every snap.

As was the case with every other important piece of football gear, you should have some options to choose from. The Alpha Menace cleats are impressive and tough to beat, but if any other pair can give them a run for their money, it's the Highlight Select MC from Under Armour.

Although not available in NFL designs, these offer high ankle support with their form-fitting CompFit construction, and are available in a range of color patterns. Their high-rebound SuperFoam insole manages shock absorption nicely, and keeps your feet from taking on too much impact.

Don't worry, I did not forget you about all of you faithful football fans! Fan gear is just as important, if not more, than anything the players on the field are wearing. Fans make the footballing world go round, and above is a great example of creative fan gear that will make you the envy of all your fellow enthusiasts. I decided to throw Eagles apparel on here because they were the best team in the NFC East last football season and are the reigning Super Bowl champions.

However, there are countless pieces of apparel from every other team in the NFL, and several that can unite all fans (like this sad, but true fantasy football shirt), so no one has to be without the best football apparel when football starts back up again. With preseason already underway and the real games just around the corner, both for the NFL and youth leagues, now is the time to load up on the best football pads and gear.

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