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Animation is a method by which still figures are manipulated to appear as moving images. In traditional animation, images are drawn or painted by hand on transparent celluloid sheets to be photographed and exhibited on film. Today, most animations are made with computer-generated imagery

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We are a team of artists, designers, and animators from all over the world. We have experience in traditional 2D and 3D animation, as well as experience with motion graphics.

We provide both traditional as well as digital animation. Once the project is complete, you can use it in any medium, including print and TV.

We’re a team of proficient and versatile professionals who can create a wide range of animation styles from character design, storyboarding, modeling, and rigging to logo design. We can also produce augmented reality content for tablets, smartphones, or game consoles. Our process begins with research and consultation to determine the look and feel you want for your project. From there we work together on the storyboard and script, collaborating closely with our clients to ensure they are always comfortable in our grasp.

Animation is a visual art used to create film and video for entertainment purposes. The artists who produce animated images are called animators. Before the creation of sound, animation was primarily a silent medium, but when the first sounds arrived along with cinema they could be synchronized with music, sound effects, and other elements.

For over three decades, Animation has set the standard for professional CG animation. With every major breakthrough and advancement, we continue to push limits with innovative techniques, technologies, and new ideas. Animation is now widely used in all areas of filmmaking and industry ranging from television programming to feature film production. As a leader in the world marketplace with experience across multiple industries including fashion, automotive, media & publishing, consumer products, toy packaging, advertising, and live-action scenes; Animation is one of the world's leading companies in the art of creating compelling visuals on a variety of platforms.

This course covers traditional drawing and painting techniques in 2D, 3D, and motion graphics animation. Students will learn basic concepts of concepts and aesthetics tailored to the skills they want to develop. This class is suitable for anyone who wants to make a career in the Animation industry or just wants to improve their technical drawing experience.

I am a 3D artist and illustrator. I have over 10+ years of experience in animation and visual effects. I create art that tells stories through the use of light, shape, and form.

Our team of skilled designers and animators is dedicated to the art of storytelling. We partner with companies across all industries, from top brands (H&M, Adidas, etc.) to startups and emerging businesses. We work remotely, so we're able to provide service for clients as far away as Australia or South America.

We specialize in traditional animation, 2D animation, 3D animation, and motion graphics. We have the knowledge and experience to support your business objectives.

Mainstream, traditional and 3D animation. We can provide the skills you need to make your project look great on any device. We use industry-standard software like Maya, Houdini and After Effects for almost every step of our process.

Animation is the process of creating a visual image or series of images that tell a story.

Animation is the process of creating the illusion of motion. It can be used in animation, video games, film, and television. It encompasses visual storytelling techniques such as drawing or using 3D models and computer animation to create the illusion of movement

We are all about animation, whether it’s 2D, 3D, or Motion Graphics. Be it a traditional medium like claymation for TV commercials or stop motion for short films and animation for our clients we can handle it.

I have been creating animation for the past 8 years. I use 3D, 2D, Motion Graphics, and traditional animation techniques. I can create your next Animation video project by using Action Script or advanced visual effects generated in After Effects.

An Animator is a studio that specializes in traditional animation and stops motion. We have a team of professional animators who can create characters and environments for you.

We produce and animate everything from traditional 2D animation to 3D character animation, live-action, matte paintings, and compositing. Our experienced team has worked on everything from small commercials to major feature film production. We are based in Vancouver, Canada, and offer a wide range of services to suit any project or budget.

We are an agency with expertise in 2D, 3D, and Motion Graphics animation. Our services include concept development, 2D animation, and modeling, 3D rendering and compositing, stereoscopic VFX shot-by-shot, and pre-visualization solutions with Wacom tablets or other devices, based on our extensive experience in production management at various studios.

This class focuses on the art, techniques, and history of traditional animation. In addition, we explore 2D and 3D compositing techniques through an exploration of the art form of stop motion.

My experience in Traditional and Digital Animation provides a solid foundation to create compelling, informative, or entertaining visual content.

Create beautifully animated content for your brand. We specialize in traditional animation, 3D animation, and motion graphics.

I can create animations for your business. This could be in the form of traditional animation, 2D animation, 3D animation, or motion graphics. It can be used in both business and nonbusiness applications such as promotional videos and YouTube marketing.

Animation is the process of filming an individual frame of a video, which is then displayed to show one series of frames. This video can be displayed in a loop to create motion graphics that look like they're moving.

Animation is the art and practice of making the illusion of motion. It is the process of combining images to create the illusion of movement in scenes, as when a film moves or two pictures are slid past each other.

Animation is a visual technique to create the illusion of movement in static images or moving image sequences. The word Animation is derived from the Latin anima, meaning “breath”. It is a field of study and an art form that produces images using only some forms of graphic representations and lacks computer-aided tools for its creation.


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