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After Over A Decade Away Lita's Back But Can The Queen Of Extreme Have One More Run In WWE

by Jason Ray Morton 4 months ago in fighting
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Lita's Come Home And Gunning For The Rumble

Any member of the WWE universe that has watched wrestling since the days of the Attitude Era turned to the Ruthless Aggression Era will know that she was the “Queen Of Extreme.” She’s sexy, talented, athletic, and can cut a promo on the microphone better than most of the men ever performing in the squared circle. With that trademark tattoo, that fiery red hair, and her throw caution to the wind attitude that left fans cheering, she’ll go down in history as one of the best. But, after more than a decade, can Lita have one more run as “Queen of Extreme?”

It seems we’re going to find out!

Lita’s Back In WWE

The WWE fans are one week away from one of the most favorite times of the year. The Royal Rumble is next Saturday and we know that Lita (real name Amy Dumas) is entered into the rumble. Unlike many of the legends and former performers with the WWE that will appear at the Rumble Lita has already made her presence known, and announced that she believes she’s got one more run left in her.

While the Bella Twins, Mickie James, and others are coming just for the Rumble, Lita’s appearance on the January 14th edition of Smackdown live was where she expressed her desire to have one more run in WWE. It’s also where the three-time former champion faced off in the ring for the first time with WWE’s resident “Queen” Charlotte Flair. Lita looked good and like she hasn’t missed a beat since retiring.

Her first challenge, facing the crass, rude, and always disruptive Charlotte who has become a 12-time women’s champion in the past 8 years. What makes Lita having one more run seem all the more likely is that the company is desperate for a strong performance at the Rumble, reasons to attract new or returning fans, and we are heading into their biggest time of the year as the Royal Rumble starts the road to WrestleMania 38.

With her first encounter with Charlotte, the WWE Hall Of Famer left the twelve-time champion laid out as she left the ring. Lita wants to main event WrestleMania after winning the women’s Royal Rumble, an opportunity that she didn’t have in her day. I can see the match and it has appeal. Several angles are possible but the most likely one could bring fellow legend, Trish Stratus back for an appearance, as Flair is still bragging about beating Trish and sending her back into retirement.

Is It Possible Lita Can Have A Successful Run?

In the world of professional wrestling, retired very often doesn’t mean done. Many of the greatest superstars of the past thirty years have climbed back into the ring for one last match, one last hurrah, and even one last run up and down the roads.

While many may have written Lita off over the years, looking at other recent returns tells the fans and insiders that anything is possible. Daniel Bryan was a big name that was out of “competition” for four long years while dealing with the complications of head and neck injuries. Lita’s former on-screen and off-screen boyfriend, Edge (Adam Copeland) left nearly a decade ago due to severe neck damage. He returned two years ago to the surprise of fans everywhere and has had a good run ever since.

So, yes, it’s possible. In the age of part-time in-ring performers, a company that’s suffered from a lack of any real talent with character and charisma over the years, and the ability to use the veterans in a softer capacity than they were 20 years ago, Lita may come back and enjoy one last run in the spotlight. Hell, at only 46, in the shape she appears, she could have the best run of her life as long as she’s careful.

Careful is the keyword. When it comes to Lita, I never would have expected her to go out when she did, and I certainly would not have expected her to come back. Considering one of her most famed matches on Monday Night Raw included an awkward landing that made fans cringe, the fact that she can is a testament to her athletic ability, strength, and her doctor's skill. Check it out…it still makes me cringe to this very day.

My Thoughts

Lita may have one heck of a run leading up to Wrestlemania. That is of course if she wins the Royal Rumble next week. I certainly wouldn’t bet against her. Even at 46, this is still the queen of extreme, and her wrestling experience started as a teenager going to Mexico and training in the Luchador style, then wrestling around the world, running with the Hardy Boys, wrestling and taking bumps from men three times her size. She’s as tough as it comes no matter what people may think of her return and if Charlotte takes her lightly, it’ll be Charlotte Flair tossed over the ropes by the returning Queen of Extreme, Lita!


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