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Why invest in Tesla 2023

June 22, 2023

By Queen anonymous Published 10 months ago 3 min read
Why invest in Tesla 2023
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Is Tesla a good long term investment? To put it simple yes!

As of friday June 16 Tesla Inc. (NASDAQ: TSLA) went up on at 5.8% with the charts starting at $259.31 and kept momentum ever since. It may be one of the better investments of this year and for the next 5 years for manny reasons which I will discuss on here.

This specific stock is worth buying especially for long term gains, one to invest in and leave sitting for a while. It can also be great for day traders, if you recognize patterns and know when to make your moves you can make a lot of money from TSLA.

Let’s start off with the first reason why Tesla is becoming a great success. Primarily they had just started creating and launching their new vehicles which include the latest active safety features. Now you can use their enhanced aotopilot system that allows the car to park on its own plus the car can change lanes as it sees fit. It also has “Navigate on outopilot” which will navigate your car through the highway all on its own ( caution is still adviced). These new Tesla cars will also drive to you in the parking lot, with no remote control. There is also the Tesla “full self driving” which will be $200 a month as a subscription. With all these cool features that no other cars have at the moment, not only is it so exciting but it’s an indicator that the company is a great investment. Tesla is expecting to release the cars some time this year 2023, it’s called the 2023 Tesla Roadster, and it’s going to be trendy because no other cars are self driving, although it seems scary people will get them out of curiosity. It hasn’t even launched yet and the stock is already going up, so can you imagine what will happen when it is launched ?

Another reason to invest is that successful investor Elon Musk who is world known, is now the CEO and product architect of Tesla Inc. everyone is raving about it and it’s even more exciting, as an intellegent and successful leader of many companies we known, he is turning heads for social media. Seems like a good fit, and gives us even more hope that Tesla is indeed in good hands.

More exciting news!! General motors recently in June 8th partnered with Tesla for the Supercharge standard plug. This means even more buisness for Tesla, more the reason to invest in that stock long term. These are fast charging stations, and they will be much needed in the near future.

Now we know that this is a very safe investment for a while, but how long should I hold it for ?? The safest thing to do is to keep an eye on it always but it should be good the rest of the year atleast, that’s what the graphs show, and what the information we looked at today is saying.

Tesla is also a big company and they are always coming out with new ideas. However there is still some risk in the fact that they have other competitors who will also start following the same trend. There is also the high prices of Tesla that might turn some consumers away, but as I said it can be a great investment for this year 2023. I believe after that is when we will see the other competitors and by then Tesla will slow down, or go down unless they come up with other new ideas.

Remember to make your choices wisely, and do your research. Thank you for reading, subscribe for more.

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