Financial Management 101

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What you need to know about managing your money.

Financial Management 101
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I was never taught how to manage money when I was growing up. So most of my life has been spent in total chaos and poor. Working raising a family and paying bills were a major challenge for me.

Then one year I got a book on money management for my birthday. I found it very fascinating. After that I enrolled to collage as an accounting major. It took me 2 years to get my degree. Ever since I received that book, I made it a mission to learn everything I can about managing money and budgeting and even different ways of saving money.

It has been over 10 years now since receiving that book on my birthday. I have since written my own book on the topic. It is easy to follow and gives some good tips to getting out of debt and learning to manage a budget.

The book can be found on Amazon for those of you who is struggling with this just as I was. Don’t get me wrong managing money is not an easy task. But it has to be done. There will always be bills to pay, children to raise, and lives to live. This all takes money so you go out and get a job to be able to have the money you need to do this.

But if you don’t know how to manage it properly, or you don’t do it at all then you will spend your life struggling just to survive. Your bills will begin to pile up because you don’t understand where your money is going and not having enough to pay everything that needs to be paid.

Not to mention having to raise children in these circumstances. Children are not cheep and they need a lot of things. Clothes, food, warm home to live it, and school supplies are just a few of the things you need when raising a child. Then these things double with each additional child you may have.

But what if you don’t have any children to have to worry about. You may think you will have it easier than someone who does have children. But it can be just as hard as a single person as it is a family.

In today's society it takes a 2-person income for a person to live. Everything is more expensive today than it was years ago. If you aren’t managing your money very will you could find yourself homeless and out on the streets. This is not where you want to be. This is not where I want to see you end up. For this reason I wrote this book to help you.

It is my dream to see everyone in homes and off of the streets. It is so sad to see people living on the streets and begging for money. So if you need some help with this then check out the book on Amazon and follow it all the way through.

Do you have trouble managing your money? Do you find yourself in debt? Maybe you want to find ways to save money? Whatever the issue is to the management of your money then this book is for you. Here is some of the things we will talk about in this book:

  • We will delve into tracking where your money is going.
  • What to do if your income is not enough to cover your expenses.
  • We will create a monthly budget to show where your money is supposed to be going.
  • How to reduce some of your expenses
  • How to pay off your debt.
  • How to obtain your credit report and how to repair it if it is bad.
  • We will talk about the different funds you will need to create for your retirement and children’s collage funds.
  • We will talk about your insurance needs
  • How to teach your children so they don’t end up in the same problem as you have found yourself in.

Are you ready to embark on the journey to financial freedom? Well if you are then let’s go! You will not be alone in this adventure I will be here beside you every step of the way.

Check it out here.

This book is available in kindle format and in paperback.

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