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Why Science Communication?
Science communication contains three types of knowledge transmission: communication between scientists of the same field, communication between scientists of different fields and communication to non-...
Paul Levinson2 days ago
Review of Tobias Cabral's 'Night Music'
Well, it's not quite rock 'n' roll, but there's definitely crucial music in Tobias Cabral's short 2009 novel (136 pages) Night Music, which is all about what happens at Zubrin Base on Mars. And there'...
John Doe3 days ago
Google Fi Review: A Low-Cost Mobile Service with International Coverage
If you're looking for an inexpensive cell phone provider that comes with a lot of cool extras then you might want to consider Google Fi. It's a different kind of cell service that's made for people wh...
David Wyld3 days ago
The Tech Yield Curve Inversion
We hear a great deal today about the "yield curve inversion"... and yes, it is a big deal!
Jonathan Sim3 days ago
'Men in Black: International' Is Well-Intentioned, but Weakened by Uninteresting Characters and Poor Comedy
"I can't wait for this film. I know this movie looks like a big cash-grab, but it looks like an awesome action-packed film with some good comedy and badass moments." HA HA HA! That's hilarious! Who wo...
Aziz Dhaouadi3 days ago
Augmented and Virtual Reality: Leveraging and Monetizing the Technologies
This article will introduce both the technologies of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality to later discuss how businesses can leverage such technologies to strengthen their business, or harness their...