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Nancy Da day ago
Overview of the Solar System
The difference between the solar system and every other star system is that the solar system is ours. In our Solar System, there are two types of planets. The ones in the first five rings are terrestr...
Putting a Little Green in your Workplace
You may be considering the question of how to make your workplace more green, or environmentally friendly. To keep things simple, making a workplace green can be looked at in a similar manner of makin...
Nancy Da day ago
The Different Types of Galaxies
Generally speaking, there are four types of galaxies. However, don't be fooled by this. The complexity, beauty, and uniqueness of every galaxy can't be explained by categorizing them with one of these...
Kelly Rosea day ago
The End
Contrary to popular belief, there isn’t anything interesting in the afterlife. In fact, there really isn’t anything at all. It’s an empty, pitch-black pit. You’re floating, drifting, forever and ever ...
Tiff Nga day ago
God vs the Universe
I’ve spent the last few days soaking up all the spiritual goodness for which Ubud is known. Particularly with Eat Pray Love, or even the Kardashians, a quest to go find yourself seems incomplete witho...
Nancy Da day ago
The Sun: Dimensions and Composition
Our Solar System revolves around the sun, and we are dependent on it in so many ways. The sun contains 99.85% of all of the mass of the entire Solar System.