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Kevin Gardner6 days ago
5 Proven and Effective Tips to Double Your App Revenue
The surprising growth of the mobile app industry is increasing by the day, and it is expected to double in 2020. Mobile devices with powerful apps are taking over the customary PC or desktops because ...
Kevin Gardner6 days ago
4 Tips to Optimize Network Performance
Here are several tips that you can use to optimize your network performance.
Chloe Hauxwell6 days ago
Eyes Wide Open (Pt. 2)
Everything seemed to be fine, but there was a piece of paper wedged in between some wires. “Cash, we can’t allow Vision to sell these. There is something wrong. The machine seems to be re-writing it’s...
Kristin Wilson6 days ago
Exploring the Second Insight
The Celestine Prophecy, by James Redfield is a riveting adventure novel that uses the tale of one man's adventure through the virgin forests and ancient ruins of Peru in search of an ancient manuscrip...
Chloe Hauxwell6 days ago
Eyes Wide Open (Pt. 4)
Amelia slamming my front door startled me awake. “Good morning sleepy head, I called three times, thought I better pop over to see if you were dead or just ignoring me. Looks like it was somewhere in ...
James Killmer6 days ago
Artificial Intelligence
The year is 2050. The room is quiet. In the center is an object shaped as a sphere, which emits faint rays of light and a humming sound. As I approach the sphere, which I have called AIM-E (Artificial...