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Kaitlyn Maura4 days ago
Practical Magic: February 19, 2019's Full Moon in Virgo
February 2019's Full Moon in Virgo comes just a day after the Sun's entrance into Pisces. This Full Moon, which will occur in February 2019 at 10:53 AM, at the very first degree of Virgo, will also co...
Dominic Martin4 days ago
Sources of Intelligence
In the Intelligence Cycle, collection of sources is the second step in the cycle. The quality and quantity of information collected ultimately determines the value of the final intelligence product.
Paul Levinson5 days ago
Review of 'Counterpart' 2.10
An excellent season two finale of Counterpart last night—which is the series finale as far as Starz is concerned—but I'm expecting it won't be that because Counterpart will show up and continue on ano...
Kristin Wilson5 days ago
Destination: Earth
It is year 2019 on Earth. I haven't seen my real mother or father in what seems like millennia. Has it been millennia?! It isn't as if I could visit them, even if the humans could space travel... they...
Iggy Paulsen5 days ago
10 Best Bitcoin Apps of 2019
2009 was the year when Bitcoin first got released into the world. 10 years later, here we are. Bitcoin is still king of the crypto world and it helped usher in a wave of blockchain technology, unlike ...
The Decision Maker's Handbook to Data Science: Book Review
For the uninitiated, data scientists can seem like mystic oracles bringing esoteric wisdom from the slopes of Mount Parnassus. Unfortunately this opacity is leading to increasing skepticism of the fie...