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Cecilia Bizzi3 days ago
How to Celebrate Litha (Midsummer)
Above the Pagan wheel of the year is represented and it is now Midsummer, or as it's also known as "Litha". The summer solstice, that marks the longest day of the year.
Erika Farrah3 days ago
Mara Jade (Green Tunic)
On the internet, I have become known not only as an actress but as Once & Future Queen Cosplay. Oh I know, that makes me sound full of myself, but I chose that alias because I am a die-hard fan of the...
KayCee K3 days ago
3 Sea Themed YA Books to Read This Summer!
Summer is one of the best times to get lost in a book. There's nothing like ticking off books on your reading list. But here are three books that need to be on your summer list this year because they ...
Skylar Rella3 days ago
A Dangerous Shade of Blue
It was 4:02 in the afternoon when the girl got home from school. Even though she got out at 2:30 PM, it took a while to walk all the way back to her house, seeing that it was far from any other places...
Paul Levinson4 days ago
Review of 'Humans' 3.3
Humans, the excellent British series about sentient androids a.k.a synths struggling to be treated like human beings in a racist society—i.e., a society that puts the human race above other sentient b...
Nick Paroni4 days ago
How to Know If You’re Investing in a Bad ICO
Do you have any investments in ICOs or cryptocurrencies? If not, that's not so surprising simply because it can be difficult to know a good ICO from a bad ICO. There are a lot of reasons why most ICOs...