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Samir Goradia2 hours ago
Many space stories told on Planet Earth involve communication across the vast universe. In perhaps our first well-known space movie, Star Wars, an important message was stored by robot, R2-D2. Today's messages still involve, to some extent, basic themes found in the Star Wars series of movies: space war, space government, space business, and our collective desire to understand our history, faiths, etc. The Star Wars movie series, including The Empire Strikes Back, has been developed into a nine ...
There's No Point in Getting a Drone License in Canada
So, I was thinking of getting a drone for taking interesting videos of different events and parties that I frequent. Up until June 1, 2019, it was legal to fly a drone without a certificate. You also ...
Erika Farrah4 hours ago
'Leia, Princess of Alderaan'
As a die hard Star Wars fan I will always find new ways to learn more about the universe George Lucas created, including cosplaying as Princess Leia herself. It is one of my favorite things to do, and...
Nancy D8 hours ago
The Ancient Story Behind the Big Dipper
The next time you look at The Big Dipper, you just might find yourself realizing that you are looking at the same star as your ancestors. What we know as the Big Dipper is just the most vibrant parts ...
Vala Rogers9 hours ago
Environmentalism Vs. Veganism
There are many reasons to choose a vegan diet, whether it's related to health, the animals, or the environment. Yes you read that right, the environment. Many people consider environmentalism to be driving less, taking shorter showers, as well as reducing trash and plastic waste, but what about the food you're eating? Here are the top reasons why you should cut animal products out of your diet for the sake of the planet.
Nancy Da day ago
The Stars We Wish Upon
When sitting in your backyard and simply looking at the sky, the stars all look roughly the same. However, there is a vast variation amongst them. They have a variety of colours, temperatures, and cha...