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Megan Andresen7 hours ago
Rethink: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Earth Day 2019 is a great day to start thinking about your everyday life. Every single day should be Earth Day. Cheers to the Earth! Unless it is affecting your everyday life, you’re most likely putti...
Mimo le Singe7 hours ago
The "Green" Articles: An Archive
Old, Previously Unreleased Articles for Your Reading Pleasure
Amanda Clarke11 hours ago
Five Easy Ways to Help the Earth
Let's be blunt, the Earth is our only home right now and it needs our help. Various scientist and climate specialist have estimated that we have about twelve years to start dramatically fixing the dam...
Caitie Perry12 hours ago
Instagram Famous
I tried to get Instagram famous in one month! And guess what? It didn't work. In fact, it doesn't work like that at all! I have had my account since 2017. I never really posted on it, or used it often...
DeAngello williams12 hours ago
Castellion's Values
Last time, the Castellion's and the kingdom of Celest lost their loved ones, and the powerful family made an ancient enemy, Orion himself barely had time to grieve over his children. Helen, his wife, ...
Valor Gosch12 hours ago
Personal Responsibility
The air reeked of cigarettes and alcohol along with other substances of an illegal nature. The counters of the bar were filled with men and women from the worst of humanity, hunched over the stained m...