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Chelsea Winona11 hours ago
18 Facts Every Post Malone Fan Should Know!
Here are somethings every one should know about Austin Post AKA Post Malone! ENJOY!
denise knight11 hours ago
The Halloween Abduction (Ch 2)
Abbeville, AL is a little town nestled between the small town of Headland, AL and the tourist city of Eufaula, AL. It is a town where much of the population put a high emphasis on faith and family. Li...
Jacqueline Hanikeh12 hours ago
Best Street Photographers to Follow on Instagram
Compared to other types of photography, street photography is a whole new world. It's nothing like nature photography where you get the same idea: taking photos of flowers, rivers, mountains. No, for ...
Myles Hart12 hours ago
What Does a Non-Critic Think of the New J. Cole Album, KOD?
First off I have no music credentials, I don't write for a magazine or know rappers/producers/writers etc. I just like writing and wanted to put my thoughts down. Whether I write good or bad, J. Cole ...
Olivia Hall12 hours ago
Shoes drifted hundreds of feet above in the cold, saddened air. The clouds tangled themselves around her ankles like chains; The wind himself was nothing but a low, cynical whisper in her ear. As tear...
satine labelle13 hours ago
I'll Be Better Than the Last
I'll Be Better Than The Last “I would never leave you, you would be my only girl.” It's easy to say you will be better than the last. I am an algorithmic fantasy a predetermined dream You’ll create yo...