You Ignorant White Supremacist

by Iria Vasquez-Paez about a year ago in opinion

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You Ignorant White Supremacist

White supremacist types are all fairly ignorant, you people really are. Why bother with so much hate? You have hate in your heart for something dumb—outward appearance or religion if we are talking about your hatred of Jewish people. Racism, however, goes both ways because Jewish people occasionally prefer not to intermix or marry outsiders. White nationalists do not want to do anything about their racism. They want to create their own White state. To which I think to myself, why bother? You people are twisted. Hating somebody for their race or looks is so futile.

People can mix these days freely, and have children with mixed-race people. The Nazis went after anybody different. They wanted to. Bigotry doesn’t require an explanation like that lawyer yelling at people in a deli for speaking in Spanish. Hateful people wrap themselves in their hatred. They believe in it. Their hatred is something that they want to keep. Now, this is a group of people who don’t love anybody. White supremacy is the stupidest alt-right concept I have found even dumber than the concept that climate change doesn’t exist—when, excuse me, look around.

Holocaust deniers not only hate Jewish people, they hate Black people and anybody of color. Hating somebody else, like I said, is silly. They are embroiled in the drama of hate. Far-right people are racists. It is ridiculous for me to even talk to them because some can handle mixing with other people while others cannot. I have friends who are Trump supporters but we never go there. I do not hang out with hardcore Trump supporters but I have been known to talk to Republicans. We do not go there, period. I just love it when White Supremacists discover their DNA isn’t pure.

White supremacists challenge the “purity” of their brotherhood because they don’t know about biology enough and they want to make sure they somehow can challenge the science behind DNA tests. Genetic testing helps White supremacists solidify their belief and their code as to meaning that all their members in their groups ought to be pure white. Pure white DNA is what they feel qualifies for membership. White nationalists and supremacists feel that 67 percent of British Isle ancestry qualifies for a high degree of whiteness. Race and ethnicity are not directly visible as a false idea anyway, as PBS Newshour quotes John Novembre, a University of Chicago population geneticist.

DNA is analyzed in a 23andMe test, just to see what ethnicity a person truly is. 23andMe uses a reference dataset that includes genomes from 10,418 people. These people were chosen to use as a reference to reflect times before transcontinental travel and migration became commonplace. Ancestry testing may not be as accurate as you think because this sort of technology is being developed. To treat White supremacists, one must study the emotional drives first and the trauma that provokes them into joining hate groups. Some have been physically or sexually abused as children. To cure a White supremacist, one must expose them to other people with ethnic backgrounds. They need to socialize outside of White power groups. White nationalists are somewhat less disturbing to people of color than a White supremacist. White racists spew forth their racism everywhere they go. They believe that they should establish a White nation-state inside the United States. The thing is, racist Black people also believe this. Racist anybody feels unlike mixing with other races. Racism is narrow-minded and short-sighted. To be a racist means you cannot love other people. Some racists dare call themselves Christian too but see, they can’t be a real Christian without loving other people. So in which case, give up on racism, it is useless.

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