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World Leaders Don’t Care About Us

by Chloe Gilholy 14 days ago in politics

Sort ya selves out!

World Leaders Don’t Care About Us
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The discussion of politics causes anger when someone disagrees with somebody. It causes confusion with all the loopholes and agendas that are basically Swiss cheese. Bringing up politics, especially one beginning with T can fights, fallouts and a dreadful atmosphere lurking in the room.

The only thing I got out of politicians is how little they know nor care about the people they have sworn in to protect. They are happy to cut the funding on emergency services, health and social care and welfare for those who truly need it. They’re also quick to vow war on other countries, yet are too late to help people if they help at all.

One should never trust a politician. Many may come in with the best intentions but power always corruputs in the end. This pandemic and the way Covid has been dealt with has exposed our world in a way like no other. It also proves that the government do not care about us. Look at all how it’s divided our nations.

The governments and world leaders across the world have a lot to answer for. All the struggling businesses, people out of work, people with dreams, all the thousands that died needlessly.

Does anyone know one politician that’s shown to be good, trustworthy and true? I can’t think of anybody. It’s like all the dystopian countries in fiction becoming a reality.

North Korea has a lot of traits shared with the Hunger Games universe and 1984. Why don’t all the countries just get together and take the North Korean regime down? Deep down they want to be just like North Korea with complete power over their people whilst profiting off all the hard work of thier people. Or their too scared to lose their money and tax from us. I don’t mean a war, that will make things ten times worse. War brings nothing but destruction and desolate poverty.

They don’t give a crap about climate change either. They’re destroying the countryside by building new houses instead of trying to refurbish other houses and rehome the homeless. If the government truly cares about climate change, then they would have acted upon it ages ago. The Jimmy Saville scandal is another great example of why the government only cares about rich people. Had Jimmy had been your local weirdo who lived in a council estate, he would have died in jail. The BBC knew, but were too cowardly to stop him.

As for the most controversial people alive today along with infamous peadophiles and known abusers. Don’t you think it’s funny how they all come across as best friends and are photographed together in parties. They all protect the corrupt politicians and only critique their bad deeds when it pleases them.

They‘re not even trying anymore. It’s all rivalship between parties and a desire to scandalise their rivals and outdo each other. Liberal, conservative, socialist, communis, left-wing, right-wing and centre-wing... it dosen‘t matter which side is in power. The Government is the product of centuries of corruption, sexism, corporate greed and outdated laws. It’s so behind on so many things.

I still think it’s shocking that there is still so many racial and sexual attacks going on in the world. I think we need to end the days where we vote for the lesser of two evils on election days. World leaders should be qualified for the job they are entrusted with by the nation. No person should be homeless. Drug and alcohol addicts should be helped instead of vilified. There’s stuff in place, but it’s not sufficient.

If the Goverment cared more, I can see the crime rates going down. So there you have it, my rant on politics and why I find them hard to trust.

Chloe Gilholy
Chloe Gilholy
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Chloe Gilholy

Healthcare worker from Oxfordshire. Author of ten books including Drinking Poetry and Game of Mass Destruction. Travelled to over 20 countries.

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