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Don’t Forget To Close The Door Behind You

by Chloe Gilholy about a year ago in trump

Open Letter to Donald Trump Challenge

Don’t Forget To Close The Door Behind You
Photo by History in HD on Unsplash

Within four years in power you have divided the U.S.A and encited entertainment, endless memes and caused protests all over the world. Your tenure in caused politics into a taboo subject in social circles. Many people call you a reincarnation of Adolf Hitler, but I would say you are more of the second coming of Henry VIII: a man who loves power, women and would be willing do everything to get what you want to get it, even if it meant dividing a country and a nation.

I won’t deny that you’ve done great things. You’ve made shows like The Apprentice. You’ve donated lots of money to charity, you’ve been a close friend to many celebrities who have endorsed you. You’re close to your family, at least most of them. You certainly have your favourites. You’ve achieved a lot in business, sadly all the bad things you’ve done greatly outweigh the good stuff.

All your critics are either considered fake news or snow flakes. It still amazes me how you got into power in the first place. Every American I know can’t stand you and some only voted for you because they didn’t want the Clintons back in power. You’ve always taken credit for work that other people have done, whilst refusing to accept responsibility for the damage you’ve done. You came from a rich family. Your first wife and your workers did a lot the work in the 80s. You took credit for the vaccines, even though you joked that people should drink bleach to save themselves from Covid.

Then there was the way you mocked Greta Thunberg, war veterans, disabled people and your bizzare obsession with Rosie O’Donald and Barack Obama. Greta Thunberg is times times more manlier than you’ll ever be. She’s right in the ball when it comes to climate change, but it’s easier to mock her than to take proper action.

In some ways I also feel sorry for you. You were born with the silver spoon in your mouth, lost a lot of your family fortune, and had a lot of failed businesses and marriages. I’d be very surprised is Melania stays with you after your presidency. I’ve seen older pictures of her compared to now and it seems all the life has been sucked out of her.

You may have been fit to run the country 30-20 years ago, but you were no way fit to run the country in 2016 or now. You’re the first President I know that has been impeached twice. Maybe you won’t be the last. Any person with morals would do their best to do good and try to rebuild their reputation. Do you ever learn by your mistakes? You’re so quick to call out other people’s disasters you’re immune to your own. Why, as the most powerful man in the world are you allowing innocent people get executed for crimes they didn’t commit? You don’t seem to care if they’re innocent or not.

Let’s talk about Dustin Higgs, a man convicted for killing 3 women. The actual killer himself admitted he did it out of his own accord and that Higgs was not an accomplice. Still you rushed his execution out. Let me guess, he was killed for being black. You and your administration are using capital punishment and police brutality as a means of ethnic cleansing. Well, I’m glad that there are only 4 days left of your presidency. This is unforgivable and I am saddened that this is once again being glossed over.

Everyone will remember you. They will continue to write books and make movies and endless documentaries about you. They won’t be positive. Many of them will brand you as a monster.

This is a very polite and long-winded way of me saying: fuck off, Trump! Don’t forget to close the door behind you when you leave the White House. I hope that we never hear much from you again after alol the anger and distress you and your cronies have caused the world.


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Chloe Gilholy

Healthcare worker from Oxfordshire. Author of ten books including Drinking Poetry and Game of Mass Destruction. Travelled to over 20 countries.

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